Sharing is Caring-

There happen several issues in our lives that eventually break us. Either they leave us in despair or leave us lonely and impassive. But have we ever thought about the drastic? Either the loss of closed ones or loss of oneself from the original being? Is it of value to us to forget ourselves in the remembrance of our loved ones? How cruel would it be to lose ourselves and become a boring one?

Talking about the importance, we often forget that for branches of a tree to be healthy, the trunk needs to get nourished. It is when the trunk forgets itself, the branches become dry and then wither, and the whole tree collapses. Similarly, firstly we need to love ourselves and then, look upon the remaining treasures in our lives that are willing to love others. Because, no matter how much someone loves you, there always remains a hidden piece of treasure within your heart that nobody can ever touch except you. Your smile is undoubtedly caused by people around but your laughter is only seen when you are important to yourself.


Sometimes we forget it. Sometimes we forget to caress our own soul and leave it to rot. This is the prime reason of heartbreaks, depression and over-expectancy amongst us.

It is not because of others that we fall, but we fall only because we forget to hold ourselves strong enough.

We need to see our reflections every day. So that we don’t forget the beautiful world becomes admirable with our existences. Giving ourselves the needful importance is mandatory and this must be kept at the priority list. Our happiness is only a step away and this step is called ‘enjoying ourselves.’ It is very important to find ourselves. To make ourselves happy. Feeling happy makes it easier for us to tackle any problem that we face.

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Though it becomes hard sometimes, we should never forget our own companionship.

Sit alone, talk to yourself, please your mind, soothe your heart, and then ask answers for any question that your life is asking for. You will certainly get closer to the solution. Repeat this every time when you feel low. This not only relaxes our mind but also calms our storms. Smiling within is always healthier than faking a smile. Learn to live for the one standing in your mirror first. Because only that person is the one which never laughs when you cry. It carries your sadness after you and rejoices over your happiness.

Learn to value yourself and that, my friend, is the easiest way to get easy with life.


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Sharing is Caring-