Sharing is Caring-

Yes, I was unable to bear it,

That storm was running badly,

I tried not to be moved with it,

But it was out of my control,

I was sure to leave everything,


After sleepless nights and worthless days

I thought to have a word with her,

From my greetings only she knew

What was going on in my mind,


Her first-word “Hey don’t try to cry,

Don’t dare to be weak, no tears,

But I am a stubborn student,

Why would I listen to her?


I blasted badly and she was hearing me patiently,

She reminded me of my present life

which I was neglecting because of that question,

She asked me to forget about the society,

She asked me to slap that society,

which is blindfolded, that questions,


I knew I m too far from my vision,

but she was able to view it clearly,

She asked me not to cry anymore,

But still in the mid of her bold words I sensed it,


I knew she herself was in tears,

But was carrying a bag full of answers,

My words were ” I want, but I m unable to”


But her words were “You have already done,

Just go and shine out brightly,

Forget about that part that is not yours,

It’s of those who created, not yours,


Her words, her voice was not less than magic,

That boosted me to welcome my coming life,

She is not anyone else, It’s you, ma’am,

Mrs. Khevna Trivedi blessed to have you in my life.

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Kanchan Vallecha

Kanchan Vallecha

I wish to ignite the fire whose flames will lead the people towards the shining star, not to the ashes.
Sharing is Caring-