Sharing is Caring-

Growing through life, we come through various circumstances; but the only few that get stuck to our lives are actually either the very positive or the negative ones.

The very early days when you got in your own senses and learnt to study, spell and write, you could have faced a lot! The ‘aa’ , ‘ba’ , ‘ca’, is the mere beginning which could have been so tiring for the poor you! But does everyone remember their early learning? I don’t think so! The 15year old brain would just remind you of when were you praised to the moons or cursed to let you down!

You would more probably remember that taking a gift was not as satisfying as it was when you got the same thing as a reward.

But dear soul! You are on the verge of vulnerability. The age of “teens”! The poor days;  when you’ll not be happy with the long way. You will try to be & get the best with short-cuts. No longer would you be able to differentiate between the gifts & rewards. Your brain would just tell you ways to get acquainted with new faces, and your heart would suggest remembering or maintaining the old ones. The confused you would seek for help but only a few would go for the people who have the best interests in mind for you.

Peers will get more importance. Their suggestions to you would be the solutions to your problems. You will not look ask you parents or elders for solutions. You’ll surely not be able to go and have a conversation on any “teenage” related topics with people who meant the world to you a while ago!

Let me tell you! It isn’t only you who’s facing these. It is not at all your problem. It’s the old cycle of life that every individual has gone through. For your own betterment, know this that your parents are not interrupting not because they aren’t aware but just because they don’t want their lovely child to mess up & fight with oneself for sound sleep. They know how it feels as at some point, they may have passed the same phase in life.

Now that you’ve made friends dear, these are the only weapons that could be used both the ways. That is; you can you use them as a weapon for others, however, remember they can be used on you as a weapon by others!  I wish that the second scenario never turns true; but you never know!

All the time the guy next to you could have been the best but who knows how the same individual will react in worse situations. Will he/she be the same old friend you had or would he change to a stranger? Only time will tell!


The trust you share, the love you expect & the happiness you give could be the 3 worst keys of life!

Once the trust is broken, the love answered with hatred & happiness repelled with betrayals, could make you forget the best treatment of love, warmth and joy you shared with the two beautiful souls who brought you to the world.

It is so easy to talk to someone! Even easier to open up & speak frankly. Easiest is to share your heart-out of all the circumstances you go through, seeking nothing but just a pinch of faith in return!

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But, but, but! Let me warn you dear, that the masks on the faces, the colours on the body, the smiles on the lips are just there for some or the other reason. Reasons hidden beneath, in their hearts! You are being a frequent customer of business. It is a business of faith & returns; where you shall be a model of faith & are expected to give returns to the businessmen at the earliest. And once you shake hands with the so called ‘reasons’ the business people tied you up with, would be the day when again a true & faithful heart would be betrayed.

Betrayals are the part and parcel of life. Betrayals come from the one you least expected.

So, dear soul; if you want to continue the smile you had at five when you were just gifted a small chocolate, or the one’s you had when Dad had been home & lifted you up in arms; all you require is a strong heart that has feelings but pumps blood more than feelings!

It’s obvious you can’t be stiff all the time. But at least you can’t fall weak always! Do not let people know your weakness, let your kind heart not be used for just healing someone else’s.

Stay cool & open-up to your own parents. They may slap you, hit you, at times even hurt you, but would never leave you alone at your bad times.

If it’s easy for a Mum to be kicked in the belly for months, the slaps you face couldn’t be more hurting than the kicks you gave. 🙂

Dear you! Love the two Gods you have, love the siblings you are gifted with. Why love a poor soul that’s just using your innocence for their business!

Love all with your goodness & not with your expectations.


Expectations could kill, I tell you! The two-faced souls can close all doors of your happiness. Let this not happen to you!

You’re beautiful. You have a beautiful heart! You need not prove this to everyone.

Stay Aware from the changing colours! God bless you!


Sharing is Caring-