Sharing is Caring-

So, I was on my daily walks this evening and I couldn’t help but notice a typical Indian woman, who pretty much seemed like a housewife, riding her two wheeler, with her veil on her head, her son on the backseat and she single handedly rode the vehicle, because her other hand was busy holding her cell phone to her ear! Now, that’s what we call style, don’t we?

No amount of pot holes, speed breakers or vehicles could keep her from gossiping her heart out on that ride. And what surprised me the most was the thought that followed. What makes us feel pity for these women? These strong women who are just present on every street, every day!

We talk about women empowerment, isn’t this the empowerment of a woman? They are the women who are giving their best in household works and then going out, picking up children from one class to another. These women are the real strength of the society; these women are our very own, highly neglected housewives.

No wonder, the world’s greatest people were raised by housewives. Not that working women are not good. But as we talk here for the neglected sector in our society today, we need to pay our tributes to these wonderful ladies out there.

They are the ones who left their dreams for the sake of their families. They chose their husbands and children over their very own dreams. It is hard to achieve one’s dream, but it is even harder to sacrifice one.

No one should forget, these housewives do not even ask for their holidays, vacations or anything. They just keep working, so that their families can comfortably support their country. They are our army. They put themselves in trouble, to save us from it.

They wake up early, so that we can reach our destinations on time. They eat later, so that we can have hot chapattis on our plates. They read us to bed, after struggling all day. And when all is done, they sing us to sleep, so that we can have a sound sleep.

What do they ask from us in return? Love! Even if we don’t give them our love, they are contended. Who made such hearty species, who sacrifice their own selves so that we could live peacefully, I wonder?

Sharing is Caring-