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First day of work! Hmm! Initially it seemed quite exciting.

Do you remember the blog where I spoke about fear and excitement? Well that was just it, fear and excitement on the first day of work.

The first thing that came to my mind when I heard about getting appointed was “Oh my God! It is going to be a 9-5 job. Ugh! How will I deal with this?”


To my surprise, a 9-5 job doesn’t really feel like an eight hour long job. It actually makes you  feel a sense of pride (at least in your first week) to spend eight hours of your day in doing something productive rather than the unfruitful activities work you may indulge in, at home.

The first week of my training was not quite what I expected. People emphasized on how trainees and interns are given the job to only make coffees or to staple papers. My experience was quite different from that. Working in the biggest law firm even as a trainee was an experience you would want to cherish all your life, as the work given to an intern is quite an interesting insight to your real job, in the near future, as a lawyer.

That 9-5 job or let’s say those 8 hours I spent, were a lesson to learn from.

workInitially, it took time to understand what to do and for how long, and even how to present oneself in front of the Partners. But somewhere the passion for this work was evident in my eyes and confidence that working there on the first day did not leave any space empty for fear to settle in me.

So readers, I have an advice for you. Try to work in the field you were always passionate about. It may be a parent’s thought related to your school and college life, but try to find a place where your passion can grow too. A place of no interest is the place for nothing productive or satisfying.

As a young adult, it is your responsibility to find a place where you can positively contribute and which can be an asset in & for your life.

Watch the following video to learn the time management:- 


A 9-5 job would seem difficult and tiring, only when there is no room for your talent to grow. A job is your decision and route to enhance the little you have and not only a source for your income.

Think wisely before you move ahead with any job offer, because it is something you should be willing to do.

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Sharing is Caring-