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Have you ever thought why we try to degrade another person when we disagree with their opinions? I am not saying one should not counter or put forth their point of view but what it is that one achieve when he or she uses mean and abusive words to show disagreement. I understand, this is common nature but where should we as a society draw the line?

These are few questions which come to my mind when I read or see sexually abusive comments on social media used for any woman sharing her opinions about a particular incident or an individual. The irony is all these so called trolls are from well-educated and most of them hold a respectful rank in one or the other sector.


I think these trolls might feel slightly overjoyed and a sense of achievement when they disrespect a woman on a public platform within seconds with the help of their high-speed internet and their limited knowledge of words.

Recently there was a case in the news about a famous Bollywood actor and singer, Suchitra Krishnamoorthi, who was called all kinds of names one can imagine to abuse women, on social media. This was done after she expressed her thought about a certain practice.

As the matter was religious in nature, all hell broke loose on her twitter wall in very short span of time. Surprisingly, trolls had no religion. We were able to witness trolls from all religions working as a team, shaming this woman because she chose to express what she feels. They were shattering her character publicly in 140 characters like it’s their birth right.

This is not a single incident, it was just an example. You can refer to the news and social media to witness hundreds and thousands of such examples floating around on daily basis. It becomes news if the woman is a public figure otherwise common women suffer through it all and try to put a brave face. There are worst cases of online abuse where the victim is left with no other choice than suicide.

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I would say this trend is a very coward act of these so called bullies or trolls to remove the opposition of any kind. I am not saying that men do not get trolled or abused on the public platform but the fact remains that when it comes to a woman, no boundaries matter. In the case of a woman, her life comes under scrutiny; nothing is sacred to these abusers- her dignity, her family, her body or her mind, NOTHING!!

What if men display such kind of public outrage to show women their place, where they should have been in the first place (according to them)? For them, having opinions and God forbid, expressing them is a sin if you are woman.

I have only one thing to say to such men, who think that they have the right to disregard women, that their behaviour only gives more power to women. Such reactions are testimonies of their fear. These abuses show how worried they are by the fact that despite all their efforts (as a part of a patriarchal society) to put women down, women are touching new heights every day in every field and leaving their mark…and oh yes, also expressing what they feel better than men!!

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This could be the logical reason why any man would try to degrade a woman’s character and will use abusive language as his last resort because he feels helpless otherwise. Such men are reacting to the competition in a very sour way; they should try to boost their game rather than fighting the fruitless war of sexes.

I believe we can disagree with a person but we should not disrespect him/her. Sexual abuse is a part of a bigger problem. As a society, we need to comprehend and work together to make people understand how words can be hurtful and can even take lives. Food for thought…We need to introspect as a member of this society that why it is so easy for anyone of us to lash out at a total stranger on a public forum, because of mere disagreement.



Sharing is Caring-