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What do you think? Are we women empowered? Women are hard to understand.

They are complicated, sometimes dependent and difficult to handle, etcetera.

On the contrary, they are beautiful, shy, sensitive, patient and responsible. Without her, there is no existence.

You find these and the few more details of her are right?

Mother’s day and Women’s day are celebrated worldwide with exaggerated long messages of how a woman is portrayed. They are all written with due love and respect. A woman is shown as pious and considered godly. A woman is compared to flowers as delicate and blooming, irrespective of its originality.

women empowered

What matters actually is the attitude and the thoughts when it comes to implementation.

Let’s take a quick glance into the reality and see if it’s really happening as the gadgets witness?

Not at all. It’s rather opposite and unexpected. We live in a democratic independent socialist secular country where you find deities worshipped are mostly females. Yet the biased and dishonoured treatment. Why?

You speak of independence while you force her to stay dependent. Do you entrust her with independence to let her achieve her dreams?

You speak of veracity and proactive while you demean and demoralise her, leaving her tortured and crippling within. Ever thought of her self-esteem?

The society at one hand, expects a well educated, civilised and decent able woman to run and educate her family for good. At the other hand, female foeticide takes place. And when a female child is born, they wane her life with namesake freedom and unexplained responsibilities inducing from childhood.

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Why do we find no gender equality?

Where is feminism?

You speak of strength and courage while you forget the danger she faces when is alone or in a group. Pending are the cases of eve-teasing, harassment, rape and not to forget murder.Remember! It’s you who pushed in the fear, killing her strength.

Many amendments and provisions come up every year. Do you think it is just for everyone on the same note?

If it is, then why do we find women suffering, directly or indirectly? Who is to blame?

The above issues are neither complaints nor allegations. These are the dark and painful realities, happening and around us. It’s a mere thought to focus on the good, it takes courage to move things from bad to good.

Do you think are we really empowered or progressing towards empowerment?

I strongly feel no. It isn’t about reservations, grades or felicitations. It is about respecting, protecting and not troubling or exploiting her. It is being a good Samaritan in all walks of life.

women empowered

Real empowerment starts when she steps fearlessly out of her home, feels secure when she can trust her neighbourhood and people around her without any inhibitions when the attitude of men and society strives towards women and their upliftment, supports towards progress giving her right freedom making her path clear. Then surely there is a new beginning for a better tomorrow for present and future generations.

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Sharing is Caring-