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Women are the backbone of every household. All family members are dependent on a woman to fulfil their daily needs. A day without a woman creates chaos in the house. It is the woman who manages home and ultimately the life of other family members. Still, we see that status of women is not appreciated. She can be the manager of the house but cannot be the owner. The situation of women in small cities, town, and villages raise concerns. Here I will focus on such things that need to improve especially in backward and less educated societies.

There are many traditions that women need to oblige. In small towns and villages, women are not allowed to eat anything before taking a bath. As they are too busy to manage the life of family members, they do not get time to take bath. Hence they have to skip breakfast, the most important meal of the day.


Another tradition is that women can eat only after serving other family members. Sometimes when food is short, they eat bread with pickle or chutney or sometimes they sleep with an empty stomach. Do men ever wonder what have they eaten? Sadly that number is very low. This tradition affects their health badly. In India, mostly females are undernourished. When a mother is undernourished, how will she give birth to a healthy child? In this way, it is affecting the whole country.

The third thing is that all the religious fastings have been made for women only. Seldom we hear any fast for men. Women are required to keep the fast for the well-being of her husband or children because it is believed that for a woman her family is everything. Do women not need prayers for their selves?

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When a man falls ill, he can take break from his work. But if a woman falls ill, she needs to do her household chores. She cannot take leave because no one can bear her responsibilities. She works 24×7 in her life. She never takes a leave. She never retires. Other concern is that if a man falls ill, his health issue is taken seriously. But when a woman falls ill, her health is taken lightly. Why there is discrimination in our society; just because man is the bread earner?

Another thing is that in most houses, the decision of the man is final. In many houses, women do not have the right to give their opinion. If they do have an opinion, it falls on deaf ears. Many women in the world have shown their leadership and management qualities. Despite that, many women do not get that status in the society. Their intelligence is always questioned.

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All these issues indicate that there is still a long way to achieve true women empowerment, especially in rural areas. A woman should be given the same status in society or home that a man enjoys. When we cannot imagine our life without women, why we hesitate to give them the right of equality? For the smooth functioning of life, both men and women are needed. If both are equally needed and both have equal responsibilities; then both should have equal rights too.


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Sharing is Caring-