Sharing is Caring-

“Dad, I’m a dancer. So, I want to join in the dance academy to become a pro,” a friend of mine confessed with guts in front of his parents.
“Father! I don’t want to marry at this age. I need some time to settle down,” a boy’s intention to run for his dreams.
“Daddy! Let me become something that others can’t. I have many plans,” another graduate’s intention.


For all the questions, every father gave a common answer.
“What does the society think?”
What? Seriously the society is going to think?! 
So, in a group of 1000 persons, if you want to go in your own direction you need an approval to take a step in order to show what you could do, just for the sake of society? Okay, so now you are going to regret not achieving your dreams and you left them unachieved, unfulfilled. Are your dreams so worthless? Any discomfort with the word poverty? 
Problem is neither dreaming nor so-called poverty nor determination.

It is FEAR.

Yes, fear of the society-
> That never fed you for free when you were hungry.
> That never supported when you were struggling.
> That never even looked at you during hardships.
> That never paid fees or provided free services.
> That gives utmost priority to uselessness.


But, the society that never fails to-

> Judge you with the kind of dress you wear.
> Lick your feet when you are successful.
> Praises your existence when you are bright.

The society says, “He is a fool”, directly at your face in the first phase. Within no time after achieving success words change to, “He is wise.”

Thus, fooling you again in the second phase.

In the above mentions, society never feeds you, your hard work and determination do.

Change your fears! Fear for ‘death before accomplishment’. But never fear the society. It needs breaking news every moment to share or speak about. If it won’t acknowledge you then you are doing something great. Be yourself. I changed.

What about YOU?


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Sharing is Caring-