Sharing is Caring-


Dear Parents!


Let her fly high in the sky

As you are her only support;

Don’t let her desires die.

Please don’t listen to the crowd;

Trust her potential –

And She’ll make you proud.

Tell the society-

not to compare her with a boy,

It’s her own life; So let her enjoy.

Free her up from all the ropes –

Be by her side,

And Strengthen her hopes.

Don’t listen to 4  people of the town

Because she is promising you,

And she will never let you down.

Believe it or not…

She is not less than a SON;

If you Be her strength…

She will outplay everyone.

Her success may take a while;

But have faith in her

She will surely make you smile.

And today if she is shining bright…

It is all because of you 😉

So hug her tight.


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Sharing is Caring-