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We all desire a lot of things in our lives. As God is the supreme power of the world we go to him and put our demands in front of him. We go to temples, pray to him and offer donations to him like if I will get this, then I will do so and so for you. Don’t you think we have made God that high ranked officer who is ready to fulfil our legal or illegal demands by accepting our bribes (prayers, fasts, donations)? Don’t you think we pray to him; go to the temple just to seek something? That could even be a wish to be happy always.

Why have we commercialised God? Don’t you think it is very shameful to offer something in the form of prayers, Prasad, fasts? And the humorous thing is that we are offering these to that God who himself has made all these things, and who is the owner of the entire universe.



As far as I think people do it due to the misconception that is firmly enforced in their mind, that it is God who gives us all the things, which we desire. If it is true then it means God is biased as he makes someone poor and someone King. Dear friends, it is only us who can get the thing that we desire. Now someone will ask me if it is true then every desire of each person would have been fulfilled. So let me explain it to you. It is God who decides which person will get what but only according to their Karmas. Basically, he plays the role of an accountant whose work is to equal the balance sheet. If your account has enough credits to meet your desire (debits) then he will fulfill it.

So friends please do not commercialize God. Do not bribe God. He will not be happy with your prayers or donations. Pray but, just to remember him and to beg pardon to him for your wrong deeds. Observe a fast but, for your good health not for the sake of God.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]Any parent will not be happy if his child is hungry for him. God has no enchantment with your money or gold.[/perfectpullquote]


If you want to donate something then donate it to needy people. When they will bless you from the bottom of their hearts that day you will realise what true happiness is.

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Sharing is Caring-