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I have been through many people in my life who love reading novels. But I’m seriously not one of them. I never complete a novel unless I find it interesting. The one I have started recently was “THE EXECUTION” written by  to be “The greatest story teller ever” Mr. Ravi Theja and guess what I finished it. I need to say nothing more. The novel was way more than being perfect. I’ll mention some reasons why it hit me so much.
1) Like many other novels, the novel is not too lengthy or boring. It is full of elements every where containing no boring stuff.

2) The author has given life to all the characters mentioned. None of the characters mentioned in the story was ignored. You’ll fall in love with all of them.

3)The book is full of suspense, romance, motivation, action and lastly thrill.

4)The book has got many small messages hidden given by the author.

5)  Every element mentioned in the story wasn’t too exaggerated. It has the mystery as well which was one of my favorite part personally. It also has the friendship which was also one of my favorite. Every part was balanced properly and mainly the story was narrated very beautifully!

6)The novel has got a flooded amount of characters but the best part is none of them is forgettable. The novel has got a set of new characters at the end but all of them were good and some were funny as well. Some were so adorable to fall in love with.

the execution

7) Every time you feel there could be no more suspense, the author hits you with an unexpected suspense. The suspense in the books keeps the reader engaged. The book is unpredictable though but it has got some great twists and turns.

8) Not only the protagonist but the supporting character was so beautifully penned that made a great impact on the friendship part. The mocking and the pulling of leg in the worst situations were really one of my favorite parts.

9)The novel fails nowhere to satisfy a reader’s expectations. A flawless novel with least exaggeration is every reader’s choice. For  Reader’s who like old time war or history kind of stuffs, the book is the perfect match for you. Being a versatile book, readers of all type are gonna love it.

10) A big disadvantage of liking the book is, you have to wait for the next part. Which is actually exciting though. Hope so the next part is as exciting as the first part.

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Sharing is Caring-