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When two adults decide to live together under one roof to understand each other better which may or may not lead to a bright future prospect it is called live-in relationship.

Indian culture doesn’t approve it however in western countries people love to stay together for a better understanding of their relationship. These two individuals learn about each others habits, life style, likes dislikes, what bothers them, how they steal time from daily chores, friends and family to be together with each other.
Some couples in India are staying in live-in but call themselves married. I wonder why do they have to lie about the fact?

I spoke to one of my friends and their families about their thoughts on live-in relationship. The answers were shocking. People are against this culture because they say, “we are all answerable to the society”.

Couples are not given freedom to grow in their relationship. They are being threatened, killed because of this society.

I feel it’s hypocrisy as living together doesn’t make a couple wrong as they are matured enough to take a stand for each other. It’s better to know your partner well in advance than getting betrayed later.

Now, there are laws in Indian penal court for couple in live-in relationship, i.e., if such a couple is living together for more than 2 years and have been involved physically mentally and emotionally they will be considered married after 2 years and girls have all the right to fight for her rights.

I encourage live-in relationship as I was in live-in relationship for 5 years with my best friend and the day I said yes for marriage we got engaged and a month later we got married.

I learnt how to stay committed, honest and how to trust someone when you are vulnerable. I hope you will try and be open minded as it is not always about sex.

You would be able to think individually and as a couple how to manage life, your emotions, how to give space and respect to each other?

Once you get your answers it means you are on the right path. You need to overcome the fear of what the society will think or say as they all make fun of others life when a mishap happens.

“ It is very easy to raise fingers on others life,
But it is tough to see the number of fingers pointing towards you.
Live-in is not always bad, it’s a blessing in disguise.”

“The perfect relationship fights all odd”, I heard it in a movie.

But, in reality in metropolitan cities people stay in live-in relationship. however, as I said there are laws to help support women in this kind of relationship, under sec. 498A and Domestic Violence Act they can consult a lawyer to file a case if they feel they are being exploited or threatened in any way possible.

The live-in relationship still is a matter of belief, and when a woman is subjected to cruelty or domestic violence in a live-in relationship, she often does not come up and complain like married women do, which made women to go through a sense of dilemma that to get married when they are not ready for any kind of binding that gets followed by marriage and to stay alone far from their partners with whom they want to stay.

Like a girl a man can also go to court for justice under section 498A . Law is equal for everyone. So, if one decides to walk out of a live-in relationship they can as livin relationship is based on individual freedom but not violence.

My experience with my best friend has proved that I made the right decision I am very happy in my life. Families are happy and we still fight, argue, love and party together.

When we decided to live together it was not only about staying in one house it was about independence of thoughts, life’s and responsibility. We really went through the best and worse life in last 6 years but we didn’t give up.

” Love makes every bruises recovered, just need to stay strong.”

Love what you like to do and always learn new ways to resolve your issues.

The door is closed when you shut down. Be cheerful and positive about your relationship. Don’t let anyone to give their opinion in between your quarrel.”

I hope this will encourage younger and older generations to learn and encourage freedom of independence in their relationships .

Give equal opportunities to your partner to shine. Trust can be seen in a very early stage but how you maintain it all along your relationship matters. Be the change in someone’s life for good and cherish it.

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Sharing is Caring-