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Unemployment can be a boon for you. How? Just go through it.

‘Hey, what’s the plan?’ I got a text from a girl who was my classmate. Boys have very few moments to celebrate, and receiving a text from a girl, is one of them.

‘Since JIO stopped its free service I opted to Vodafone, 10 GB per month.’ I replied.

‘Ahh, I was asking about career plans.’ She didn’t forget to add some smilies after the sentence.  

It was like; those emojis seemed to laugh at me. I went into an awkward silence as she already had slammed a break to our conversation to ask about ‘future plans.’ What should I have replied to her? That I am unemployed now? But God is everywhere and he rescued me, ‘Don’t worry, I am unemployed too.’ She replied but did you notice she said ‘I am too’.


As two unemployed engineer got in a conversation, it lasted for about next two hours. We exchanged opinions about Syria conflict to should Rahul Gandhi resign a vice-president post of Congress, we didn’t have anything to do with those topics, but we didn’t have anything to do as well.

Don’t think much, keep reading.

If you ask me, we had lots of things to do, don’t be hasty to land on any conclusion, I am not talking about those things. I mean, why don’t we take all the problems of our life as a blessing? Isn’t it an opportunity that we have got some extra days to live? Think, after getting busy in the job, you won’t have time to see your own face carefully, forget about living on your own terms.

So, the awesome youth, keep searching a job, keep studying for exams but besides searching and studying do some extra things as well, like reading (not Fb and WhatsApp) and learning new skills. It will be better if we take this unemployment as a boon.

Unemployment – a Boon? How?   

If we really take these five reasons seriously and start executing it, maybe the system will need you more than you need the system. Unemployment has bought us more time:  

For self-discovery:

Don’t be a couch potato, step out of the home and meet different people. I am talking about your own self. Yes, travel enough that you find your own self. Test your own strength. Perhaps, you have wasted a life to do those things you are not born to do. So find what are you by birth? Some write well, some sing melodiously, some are bikers, some cook deliciously, some are good at managing stuff and some are good at photography. Everyone has a passion. Find your own.

For self-development:

Unemployment gives us time for self-development. Have you found your own self already?

Good, now is a time to self-development. Have you ever thought why we are not placed yet? Or we have got placed but in a wrong organization. Most of us don’t have those skills that meet industry’s requirement. Find out what your industry wants and prepare yourself for them. Learn English and Hindi well. Yes, we should be proud of our own culture but we are living in a connected world. We are citizens of India and globe as well. Be ready to communicate, because communication opens doors to opportunities.

To peruse other skills:

In a college, we somewhere had spent a lot of time complaining that if I had time then I would have learned this that skills, so the time has come. Being the same person is too dumb for this creative world. World is changing rapidly; may be the concepts we have learnt will be out of date soon. Always be an all-rounder and learn new skills which are not related to your core field. Always keep a plan B with you Or a C Or 23 other alphabets.

To improve health:

Most of us avoid this topic giving an excuse of lack of time. Now you are in the mode that you can’t give an excuse. Use this free time to improve yourself.

To find better opportunities:

Everything happens for a reason. Maybe you haven’t got any opportunity yet because you are born to do something unique. Someone said well, ‘If opportunity doesn’t knock then build a window.’ Be a fighter and find more opportunities. Didn’t get a job? Then be a job creator. Be thankful that we are born in India. We are growing at around 7.5% per year. Looking at the current scenario of Indian economy and the aggressive policies of our government, it is visible that this nation is going to become huge. The once American dream will soon be Indian. In upcoming years this nation will badly want job creators, service providers, and the first generation entrepreneurs. Be the one if possible. You are that missing piece of a broken system. You will have to fit somewhere, without you this system is useless, don’t worry.

So I am not saying that stop seeking jobs but till the right opportunity doesn’t come to you, be busy, rather just being busy, being productive all day. That will help you to reduce stress. Always keep one thing in mind, ‘the more you get busy to complete your dreams the less you get time to complain why it’s not working.’ So Get started now.

Sharing is Caring-