Sharing is Caring-

Always keep that place where the magic grows within you alive. I can truly connect with it. Whatever the source of magic maybe we should treasure it close within our hearts. I consider literature and language to be the magical solitude and peace of mind.

Writing is a passion I possess because it helps me rediscover and introspect myself. Often it is the penning down of my thoughts, expressing how I feel sheer ecstasy or a deep void within myself at times, describing and appreciating small things that hold immense beauty within or voicing out my innermost feelings and opinions, to get some clarity.

Before beginning, I would like to say that I am very introvert by nature and face a lot of difficulties in speaking out my mind. 

For me writing means a lot. It is like fresh oxygen to my mind. It is the window that helps me to look out, around myself and to look within , for a deep introspection.

Just by looking outside a window one can find a lot to take in from the serenity of nature that calms them. Similarly when I think of a topic ( no matter how long it takes ) or hold my pen to inscribe my scattered thoughts into paper in order to assimilate them to proceed , I feel a heavenly solitude around me and I can’t resist being woven into a thread of enchantment.

 ‘Keep the windows of your mind open to fresh new ideas that enrich you as an individual’. I believe in retaining curiosity to know and eagerness to learn. The ocean of knowledge is quite vast which can never be completed in a lifetime.

One has to take sips of it to quench their thirst. As a person I’m full of questions, and ponder even for the tiniest things, which are considered ‘simple’ but can be perceived differently.

The true quest for answers is a very deep one when one is completely absorbed in it. Hence my mind is kept busy searching for answers. One question has more than one answer to it. It just requires out of the box thinking.  A genius is not he who has the answer to every question but is perseverant enough to find answers to every question. Being genius is about knowing when to stop.

When I write I feel that I may not be the best , but there’s nobody who can put down my thoughts the exact way I do,  they’re either better or worse. ( because I write to make a difference).

It takes me to another world , where there’s no need to worry about things that don’t matter, where there’s no unreasonable judgement or criticism, but one can realize their own flaws and rectify it smoothly, where one doesn’t always have to carry a face plastered with a smile when they don’t feel like it, one doesn’t have to keep on impressing others and faking their own emotions, where there’s immense pleasure in being ourselves, great satisfaction and peace that accompanies a resident of this world.

It’s been a great pleasure and has given me an extra pair of wings to explore myself and my surroundings. Reading, writing, interacting, imagining, or traversing versatile paths within myself and reaching greater depths are some things I mostly engage in.

To sum it up I’d like to spread the circle of positivity and the essence of passion into others around me, to get captivated by the chain of events occurring around and extend this aura to help pass it on.

In this world my pen, notebook and my thoughts ( mainly inspired by nature ) are my greatest companions because here words come out from the depths nobody knows where.

I feel blessed to have the ability to write and I wish to carry on with my love for writing and spread its essence all around me, to explore the mesmerizing aura of nature. I wish to remain surrounded by this divinity as long as I live ( because some feelings last beyond a lifetime, till eternity )

Sharing is Caring-