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It’s okay to be alone, and happy.

Yes, one can find happiness in one’s own company. It’s not necessary to have someone in your life to be happy. Not everyone needs a life partner in their life to share their sorrows and joys.

You can be brave enough to rule your own life instead of sharing it with someone else. Marriage is not a necessity; it’s your own choice. If you are happy with it, it’s fine. If you don’t want it, it is also fine.

It’s absolutely okay to stay single and live your life on your own terms. If you are not afraid to lead a solo life, it’s the best gift you can give yourself.

If you choose to stay single, you become the sole entrepreneur of your own life, and thus, you own a full right on your profits i.e. joys and happiness; and only you are liable for your losses i.e. pain and sorrows. Only you own a right on them.

Let me explain it in a more elaborate manner:

We all love to travel, don’t we? We often choose to go on a trip with our family or friends. We always find someone to go on a trip.

Yes, it’s fun with friends and family. But how many of us chose to go on a solo trip? How many of us decided to go on a trip alone, unplanned to an unknown place.

You know how much thrilling and fun it is, to get lost without any help or contact available and finding your own way out! Not knowing the local language and still trying to communicate. Discovering new places and sharing new experiences with your own self.

And if we do plan such a trip, there are a lot of hurdles on the way. And even after this if you made this trip happen, it gives you one hell of an experience. It will open new doors to self-discovery.


You will discover new things about yourself, you will know yourself better. You are on a journey to find yourself.

Similarly, choosing to stay single for a lifetime or late marriage is a tough task.

We all have that one nosy aunt or uncle who always bothers us with the question, “Beta, shaadi kab karoge?” once you cross the 20 age bar, no matter if you are a girl or a boy.

And some really do take them seriously and under family, pressure gets hitched and start surviving and leave living.

Yes, if you are head over heels over someone and ready to take the responsibility of another living soul then there’s no problem in getting married or, leading a settled life; being more precise.

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You can share your life with someone you love and make a family or you can be your own family, it’s completely your wish.

Be your own boss and rule your life. And ignore those “char log” in your life. Till you are happy nothing matters.

There are many perks of staying single. Like,

  1. You need no permission. You can come home whenever you want to.
  2. All your free time is only for you. Pamper yourself.
  3. You learn this big difference between alone and lonely.
  4. No compromises. No adjustments. Freedom.
  5. No relationships. No crying over breakups.

And a lot more of them.

But then let me share some cons too,

  1. Many times when you need someone you don’t have anyone.
  2. When sick there’s no one to care for you.
  3. You feel left out among your friends with a committed relationship status.
  4. You have a tough time explaining your family why you are single.

But everything comes with its own pros and cons. All you have to do is follow your heart and accept it.

So, it’s okay to be single for a lifetime.

And if you feel ready for marriage it’s never too late. Remember, actress Suhasini Mulay found her perfect match at the age of 60.

And not everyone needs/wants a life partner in their life. Till you are happy, it doesn’t matter what your relationship status is.


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Sharing is Caring-