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Growing up comes with a lot of responsibilities. Sometimes you are able to fulfill them, sometimes you are not. And many a time you have to trade your dreams for the sake of keeping up with the norms of our society.

There are a lot of things we want to do, but we don’t. Yes, I said we don’t, we CAN do it, but we don’t. Then, what is stopping us to do it?


Yes, at times but not as much as the fear of “log kya kahenge”.

It’s the char log kya kahenge that holds us back. We fear their perspective on our lives more than our dreams and desires. And we can go to any extent to keep our image clean in front of them, because we have to live in this society, right? We fear them more than failures.

log kya kahenge

Those 4 people with a 2 rupees mentality and a zero value opinion are given the topmost priority in our life. We gave them the attention they need. Indirectly, they control our lives.

Since they lack that spice and gossip in their lives, they try to make a full chatpata chaat out of our life and gain the appreciation and generate gossips from their cooking (stories) skills. They can cook up unimaginable gossips out of scraps having no meaning or link with each other and award you with a character certificate based on much you pleased them.

And the best part is that they are the ghost judges of our life. Most of the time, we don’t even know them. In front of us, they are all goody goody and act pretentious of getting our point and agree with it. But then, behind us they start their actual works of judging us and rating us. I must say they deserve a Filmfare for their acting skills.

They set certain bars to how a girl or a boy should behave and what choices they should make. Nevertheless of the fact that you are a girl or a boy or a man or a woman, they are going to judge you. Conjectures about you are more than welcome and necessary, that’s what they say.

Being a boy, you need to choose a career that allows you to SETTLE in life and secures your future. You have to be capable enough to handle the responsibilities, never minding what your age is. And a girl is supposed to be a pro in all the household chores, so that she can become a good wife and a daughter in law. Well, because that’s how she keeps the respect of her family.

They prepare her as someone else’s wife than an individual. She is not supposed to be herself. Being a girl in this society is a tough task. At times I wonder the only motto of such people is to get married and produce children so that their kids get married and produce more children, and the legacy continues.

If your try something out of the box, you are a subject to all sorts of taunts and gossips. Because it hurts, it hurts them a lot. More than your own family, they are concerned about you and your respect.

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No matter how much you try to keep yourself away from them, they will always be ready with their noses to poke in your business. And fearing their judgments and conjectures, many people stop dreaming and join the line.

But, I have seen a lot of people who didn’t listen to them, utterly and boldly ignored them and shut them down with their success stories. So I request all of you to just let them do their work and you carry on with your dream. Don’t fear them and their talks. Kuch toh log kahenge, logo ka kaam hai kehna.

Think out of the box and go for it.

All the best!


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Sharing is Caring-