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Love and Attachments are like sea shores and waves, love makes you strong and free. However, being attached makes you feel arrogant and obsessed. You need a strong bond between you and your partner that is created by love and friendship.

Attachment takes away the charm of being in love. You would do anything to stay around the person you think you have sparkled for. I read this in an article by Swami Rama Maya – The cosmic veil

“Attachment creates bondage, While love bestows freedom. ”

Never get too much attached to the person you love as it will hurt really bad like your worst nightmare. I have been through this long ago. I was going through the worst phase of my life when I joined an MNC and there, I met a guy and a girl. Both said they were in love but girl needed her space and time to workout the relationship. On the other hand, guy was madly in love with this girl and things changed after few months of their relationship when we came to know girl was dating her married boss for money and some other reasons. So, this guy confronted the girl as he was hurt and was in love.

Girl said, “You don’t have the ability to fulfill my needs” and this was shocking. I had to come and talk to both , girl said it’s over between them but this guy is attached to me and follows me everywhere but the guy was not ready to see beyond his hear which was filled with love.

Finally, girl moved to another department and guy moved to another company in another city. Moral of the story was there is a fine line between being attached and being in love.

People fear to lose what they say is love for the special one when it is only your feelings for someone. But when you are in love you are too invested passionate and think about the feelings of your partner. You would never hurt the one you love the most in life. It’s all together a different life experience.

The passion to care for your partner makes to priorities your life needs. But, attachment only becomes tough when you are only thinking about your feelings getting hurt and turns in rage at a certain time as attachment is one sided feeling . Love always pursue freedom to couples and they trust one another , they do compromise when in love but people when attached to someone may bound you with lot of rules and boundaries in relationships and one day the relationship would suffer and feeling would die.

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Love is out of the box, it’s supportive, respects each others feeling, choices and wishes and their dreams. Aspirations are yours and more important but people who are only attached like to restrict their boundaries and like to stay inside their little world and not like to be disturbed.

“Attachment is for a short span but love is for eternity,
Attachment leads to another relationship without any problems but love always leaves a scar,
So the destination is far when being attached but when in love everything feels bright like a shining star.”

My dad used to say love is a feeling a desire to be with someone without expectations. Love brings stability in life, you become more responsible and think about others feeling before you think about yourself. He also said you should never get used to or attached to anything so much that you cannot control your own feelings and emotion. You become impulsive, a control freak and jealous very easily.

Love shows you difference between right and wrong, nature of relationship depends on trust. If you believe in getting freedom, are you giving the same to your partner, yes or no?

Attachment is like a clock timer, you like someone but cannot think of giving freedom, you close all doors and create your world of fantasy which looks beautiful from outside to everyone but the ugly side is you are hurting yourself and others to keep that one person near to you.

To make your life beautiful be honest to yourself and your feeling towards your partner, being in love doesn’t mean you can’t put yourself forward if needed, give equal opportunities to your partner and yourself to lead a peaceful happy life. Don’t be mentally invested in something so much that if you at a verge of losing it your heart breaks and ruins everything you love about that relationship.

“Let your love flourish your life and let your self cherish each moment with the one you love forever, be fierce and true , let your heart speak for itself”

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Sharing is Caring-