Sharing is Caring-

I am my own super hero.

We all look up to somebody while growing up. We call them our superheroes. It can be the mother or father even grandparents at times. Then we get used to them.

What we do not realize is they will not stay there for us forever. It becomes difficult for most of us, looking up to somebody to live life smoothly once our loved ones are gone. What I did in my case was, I started looking up to myself, when I was in need.

Not all have the privilege to have their superiors to guide them. What do the orphans do when they need an advice? We all wonder, but we do not see how they still do well in their lives without the love of the family. It’s simple, looking up to yourself.

All you have to do is ask yourself what is right and the answer is right in front of you, always. Even the ones with no families live like this and it has done no harm to anyone.

One might wonder, what I am writing about today. It seems too naïve. Obviously one will live life on their own terms when there comes a time. I’ll tell you why I am writing this article today.

In India, we are bred to be made to sympathize with the ones with no families. What they will do without a mother or a father or both, we ask to ourselves. We being the God loving culture talk like a faithless nomad without anyone correcting us. How can a baby without parents not live?

Everyone has lived and he too shall live. Why sympathize then? We forget sometimes that life is not tricky as it seems. Of course it is hard to live without our loved ones but not impossible.

In our culture, freedom is limited only to the privileged and the married. It is hard for our parents and our society to let go of us. Of course they let go if we demand but it is obviously frowned upon. One does not realize that we are sent on earth alone and we are made to live life on our own terms.

Just like animals do. Once their offspring comes of age, they are kicked away by their mothers to live a life of their own. It is as simple as that. With coming generations it has become quite modern, to send off the children far away to learn to become independent but has not been implemented totally.

Become the hero of your own self and if you haven’t started living by your own yet, there is only one thing I would suggest and that is, LEAVE!

Sharing is Caring-