Sharing is Caring-

This is an open letter to the monster creature who is supposed to change his nature    

Please explain me the

fault of an eight years old child

She being immature,

but your maturity is defined          

She lost her life but you aren’t confined

Please make me understand-                            

How you blame an attire                                        

And take it as an invitation;   

To fulfill your desire

How easy it is to say-                                             

She asked for molestation Or it was out of aggression!!                                 

But you know what?                                                   

It is more than a brutal violation.

You had made it a question –                             

Why she went for a movie at night                 

Please explain me..                                         

how does it make your action go right?

Another reason that you gave for your deed –             

Is region or caste or religion or creed   

Let me tell you;           

You are not included in a human breed!!

And then burying her body is also a big case;      

We need to recognise-                                         

Who actually is a disgrace?

Using your power or imposing pressure                  

Tell me how does it define-       

that you are a man?                                        

Maybe for you- it was all fun                                 

But please explain me why-                                                       

A raped woman is supported by some But accepted by none?

Please tell me how to address you                             

may be as someone who taught me-                                        

The men I can trust are only a few?       

Just tell me-                                                                 

WHO IS AT STAKE?                                   


Sharing is Caring-