Sharing is Caring-

Recently, I read this beautiful line which left me numb. I know it is just a sentence or a phrase but it is not just an amalgamation of five to six words, it is something that leaves a lot of emotions behind and welcomes new thoughts in our lives.


“Make even death struggle to snatch life from you.” – Anonymous


Honestly, WHY?! Why do you lose hope so quick, why do you feel like life is just too tough to deal with? What difference are you going through compared to others in this world? Right now you are probably sitting in a comfy space with your laptop or phone in front of you, and reading what this immature girl is telling you.

Yes, Immature only because, I have just seen probably half of the pains you have gone through in your life, only because I maybe half of your age and wouldn’t even be able to guess what more challenges are awaiting me in my life. But nothing can be that tough to deal with, that one needs to bend down to death and that one needs to fall on his knees and give up on everything he/she earned in more than a decade.

Your presence is not even equal to an insect in this world. Not everyone knows who and what you are, not everyone in the world can appreciate the person you are. But there are some small wishes, small dreams and small worldly reasons why we still continue to live. We can’t live for our presence to be appreciated by everyone but we can live to give our presence the respect it deserves.

How many of us cry and feel sorrowful just because you feel that your self-respect is questioned? Self-respect is two words that give out the meaning just in the way it is pronounced. It is not others should respect you but you should know how to respect yourself.

If you ever fall on your knees in front of death it is not because others couldn’t appreciate or lessen your burden, it is because you disrespect yourself and because you never wanted your life in your control, you always wanted others to live your life in your space.

If ever you thought about the importance YOU make to YOURSELF, you wouldn’t let life give up so quickly. You need your presence and your excitement because at the end no one can appreciate you enough for the person you are except for yourself.

Yes, make even death struggle just to snatch your life from you.

Sharing is Caring-