Sharing is Caring-

The title looked absurd to you, isn’t it? Parenting is said to be wrong here, wouldn’t that hit your minds?

It does and it is somehow true also.

Parents are always seen as the God living among us and living for us. That’s what we say and that’s what the ultimate truth is. But here, the God can commit mistakes. Despite being the sole definition of perfection in decision making, they can miss sometimes.

In order to nurture their wards, they forget to give them an environment of experience sometimes. Sometimes they can miss the exposure of boldness in their children which harms the inner self of kids to the utmost extent.


There stands a proverb, “To know the weather, you must look at the sky with brave.”

This line says that to experience the exposure of the world, we must look upon to every possibility with bravery. And that is what sometimes we are kept far from.

The world of humans is considered poor with humanity nowadays. The world out there is said to be cruel for innocents. So the parents constrain their wards within their jurisdiction and wonder their growth.

But the tree of our experience can only nurture beneath the sky of surroundings and that nobody can bring change into. No matter how cruel or how bad the world stays, we have to gear up and let the world face how good we can be. The parents are the sweetest form of humans that we ever come across to.

They love us from a time where we couldn’t even hold our feet straight. They fed us with more of love and less of foods. But their love sometimes, hinders our eyes. The eyes look far ahead but only straight. Similar to as that of a horse is kept.

We are anyway on the right path and so we are always supposed to be but focusing for the drawbacks of parentism, I found this point very well spread across the homes.

Certain more hindrances are faced within the time of growing up. But we consider our guides and our teachers to basically reside in a single body of our parents. But whom would you say when the God themselves miss a page of your life story.

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For that I would clear that we don’t need to complain. We don’t have to. Just play your part and make sure that your part doesn’t contemplate your parents that their glow missed any gleam.

Not for you but for your parents, your existence should always utter a word of proudness in their heart.

Success and failure are the latter parts. The initiative to live a life is all bounded in a single shell of smile that your parents will give at you.

Work for that smile and in spite of several drawbacks as I earlier stated, be worthy enough for your parents so that they can look upon you with no guilt.


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Sharing is Caring-