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What is the real progress?

We all run. Run to achieve. Run to make progress. But there is a misconception about what the real progress is. We all have seen or made to believe that progress can only be judged by some sort of assessment and a piece of paper is going to tell our progress in the form of grades, percentages or performance graphs maybe. This is the statistical evaluation which is universally accepted. But, we the most genius living beings, also have a heart which we forget most of the times, which can’t be evaluated this way.

These such statistics about an individual judging them as a person whether he is fit for some sort of job or not is not what I am against but the way people take this is not always right. The thoughts of inferiority here taken over the minds make people do stupid things.

Real Progress

Just some sort of assessment test acts like a fate that is going to stick forever to us because it says that I’m good or not so good in a particular thing. And many people see this as a dead end. And this makes them approach the wrong way like giving up on themselves and sometimes on life too.

Such kind of statistics are necessary to evaluate ourselves for a particular task but it is surely not going to judge that as a human what progress you have made.

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We never think about it but the satisfaction of parents from their child is an achievement for them, thus progress from just child to a special child that their parents are blessed to have is, progress. In the difficult times when we won’t let the person, we truly are, fade away and keep it alive and grow, this is what progress is. Like this helping others, improving our surrounding and improving ourselves as a person is what the real progress is.

But these progresses can’t be evaluated by some assessment because they are the feelings, good vibes which makes us feel happy and satisfied. And that’s how a person progresses.

So, we should not let a Paper be our Suicide Note just because it says we have failed. Because in person only we know that failure is a vital part of progress. Thus it is necessary to fail or to fall so that we can rise and succeed. And for that you don’t need to consult anyone or go through an assessment drive because it is just good vibes that keeps you motivating and keep going.


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Sharing is Caring-