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Recently launched, Secret Superstar’s trailer has already received more than 37,000 views in 2 hours. Which is quite good for a Bollywood movie, Isn’t it?! Well, I may sound like a filmy girl but I am quite critical about movies. if the trailer is good, expectations just instantly rise. But a good trailer is the one whose movie you would want to look forward to.

Well, seeing more of Aamir Khan’s acting often is not his cup of tea. It’s something that comes only once a year but brings a lasting impression on all the viewer’s hearts. Maybe a person would not consider himself a die hard Aamir Khan fan, but I’m sure there would hardly be an audience who wouldn’t wait to see more of him.

secret superstar

Getting back to the trailer, I believe a movie is only considered good if its story is strong. And Aamir Khan’s choice always has that spark that isn’t really seen in many other actors tastes today.

The story having its own strength is brought forward to the audience. The strength that needs to be shown to every parent in today’s time. Parents who feel conscious about every profession when it comes to their child’s career. But most importantly to parents whose conscious behavior brings forward restrictions to a GIRL CHILD’s career.

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My family has been supportive of what I wanted to do, But not all parents are like that. Being conscious about their safety is always an appreciated thing even by their own children but not when that consciousness and caring nature becomes a reason to stop their passion or to separate something they love to do from themselves.

Secret Superstar somewhere teaches that to each one of us, how important passion is for a child, for a girl, for a human. It is not a form disrespect that we see in the trailer. It is just called where there is a will, there is a way. And when you strongly love something, never be ready to give up it so easily. Fight for it but only in the right way, prove your passion true and correct but not others false and incorrect.

You can achieve what you want, only when you really work towards achieving it.

This is just what the trailer wishes to convey to us, as an audience.

After a long time, a film has come where every child could ask their parents to watch this and connect with their dreams too.


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Sharing is Caring-