Sharing is Caring-

The journey from childhood to the old age is a challenging one. Someone’s journey may be full of more ups and downs from than other but nobody can claim that their journey has been completely smooth. These challenges and difficulties in life can mould or break you. Every difficult situation adds to your life’s experience and may help you to transform into the more mature person who has empathy with the others facing the same struggle.

There are times when you are unable to counter the negative emotions that are slowly building up. This is the time when a tiny ray of hope can resurrect a new life within you and this tiny ray of hope is generally in the form of an individual, nature, some thought and so on. It may become a source of inspiration and rejuvenate you to fight back every challenge with more girth than ever before.  The inspiration may sometimes vary from a small push to the extent of reviving you back from suicidal tendencies.

Inspiration, however, is quite different from motivation in the sense that it comes naturally and not planned or followed by any reward. It may occur anytime and cannot be given to anyone like motivation.

The scientists state that “inspiration acts as a motivational concept, in which inspiration is evoked (generated) from a source and a person then finds some means to transmit an idea and is driven to produce some creative outcome as a result.”

Inspiration involves a passive and an active aspect: It is passive in the sense that you see someone else who leads you to want to improve yourself, and active in that it leads you, in turn, to want to create something of value.

It is important to note that inspiration is not restricted to any gender, caste, age, status, profession, etc. Everybody irrespective of their status or success draws inspiration from others and needs inspiration at least some point of time in life. This inspiration in turn acts as a catalyst which creates an urge to excel in life and remain positive.

As per the findings of a scientific study, it is particularly interesting to understand inspiration from a social identity perspective, or how seeing yourself as similar to someone else can inspire you to reach for greater heights. However, in addition to seeing yourself as similar, you also need to see the other person as having greater status or some other quality that you wish you had. If you’re an artist trying to get motivated to prepare your next painting, you’ll be more inspired by an art exhibition featuring a top artist than the chef who lives next door.

I too have drawn inspiration from many persons as well as ageless inspirational stories. Some we the part of my journey of life and some started residing in my heart after I got the opportunity to learn about them through various communication channels.

It is impossible to name just one person or thing that inspired me in life but here I will share some of the sources from where I drew my inspiration. Inspiration means to me all of these things:

  • Relishing a quiet walk along nature and giving time to self-introspection.
  • Visiting art and photography exhibitions to enjoy the beauty of images.
  • Read the biographies and autobiographies of famous personalities.
  • Interacting with old people and listening to their wonderful stories.
  • Staying in contact with my family and friends.
  • Meeting new people that share the similar interest.
  • Reading motivational quotes and books to rejuvenate inner strength.
  • Listening to favorite music or watching the favorite movie.
  • Connecting with the supreme power to for inner peace and enlightenment through meditation and yoga, it can do wonders.
  • Travelling with positive people and exploring new destinations and cuisine.
  • Supporting a noble cause like sponsoring the education of children who need it.
  • Contributing whatever little possible towards the environment and sensitizing others too.
  • Travelling to different places and meeting new people as well as understanding their culture.

There is a famous advertisement whose tagline I love, “It is your life, make it large.” If required, take efforts to draw inspiration from various possible sources but keep the life clock ticking in the positive direction.  Life is all about choices. If you think, your life is awful, it will be. Stay positive. Don’t bring yourself down by dwelling in the past. Switch to the future and envision the possibilities.

If you need an inspiration, it will find you only if you are receptive and detached from negative thoughts. However, if you are caught in the cycle of negative thoughts you may fail to register that inspiration right in front of your eyes. Therefore, go ahead and discover what inspiration means to you and give wings to your life.


Sharing is Caring-