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Dreams are imaginations that are created by a human mind.  They help in many ways. People often see things when they are asleep and they, sometimes, don’t understand why they saw the dream, what it meant in their lives?

Some people see dreams with their open eyes which might be a Deja vu or a dream they saw when they were sleeping but forget it. Every dream has a meaning of its own. I love to see a new dream every day but sometimes it comes like a flood of events in past or future. I feel so depressed when I see such a dream as I don’t understand its meaning.

Dreams only come when you are relaxed or when you are very tensed. People get worried after seeing a particular movie or a tv show that they start to visualise those things or related to such things it could be negative or positive.

Once I saw a dream that I am working in an IT company where I met my best friend and we are together, forever, in love. And this is actually happening, I got engaged to my best friend whom I met in IBM and since then we are together.

I am so happy to be a part of his life he is very inspiring and a down to earth man. It’s just like a fairy tale that I dreamt once about 15 years ago. I believe, “dreams are images from past present and future.”

Talking about a bad dream may teach you a good lesson, it may be a warning to the actions you do. I also had one such dream, I was 21 years old, my mom and brother were sleeping in the next room. I was lying on my couch with legs hanging on sides at around 3 am. I saw a dream where every one in my family was crying and I was searching for my mom, I saw her lying dead on floor in my Lucknow house. I got so scared and woke up suddenly and ran to check on my mom.

It was 15th June’ 2004, my mom’s birthday. I got all her medical check up done as I felt she was ill. I got a bad news that she had gall bladder cancer last stage and which cannot be operated.

I was shocked on her birthday. I was not able to tell her what the reports said, as I had just lost my father in 2002. I told my grand parents about it and asked mom what are her last wishes.

She said if this is her last birthday, her wish is to be with her father in Lucknow house. I got our tickets booked and took her by train to meet her dad.

That was the last day she ever travelled. She was unconscious for about a month and I was there to take care of her. I never left her alone even for a minute till her last breath.

Finally, she said to me, “My daughter, I have one last wish – no matter whatever wrong happens, never leave your brother alone” and her eyes rolled on 15th July ‘2004 and she passed away.

That dream was a warning for me. I told my brother that we lost our mother. Since then he is my first priority in life.

“Dreams are reflections that can be true, but if they don’t mean anything it’s just your imagination”

My dreams have always helped me making my life better. I love my dreams as I try to decode my dreams every time I see one.

If I forget what I saw in my dream I am still happy atleast my brain is still active. I get better focus on writing what I see in my dream, if I remember.

Whenever I sleep, I go into my dreamland to search for a new imagination. It’s just like Alice in wonderland. I just don’t like to wake up when I am dreaming about something.

Sometimes it’s a blank dream where nothing is going on so it’s like my painting canvas I can imagine anything I like.

I love fast cars so one day I dreamt I had built the fastest car in the world and sold it to world best car manufacturer. But this dream will be a dream unfinished as I know a lot about cars, but finances don’t allow me to bring dream to a life.

So I labelled it as a very expensive but interesting dream.

“Follow your dreams”, people say but it’s you who has to decide what your real passion is. Whether you want to follow your dreams or not.

What are you sacrificing to achieve your dreams?

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Sharing is Caring-