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Have you ever experienced fear and excitement together? What did it feel like? Well, this is something I have experienced the maximum amount of times in the past one year.

Do you remember your first day at school? Well, I am sure many of you don’t really remember it entirely and exactly, but many of you might remember one such incident that had happened in your first week at school.
From the most aloof to the most interactive kid, every child would have that experience of fear and excitement together.

I still remember when I joined the middle school, I found the campus too huge for a small soul like me. I tripped and fell on the first step of that building, and I thought to myself that this wasn’t the best place for me. Later understood that every kid had something memorable on their first day.

fear and excitement

Fear and excitement are just like that, especially its amazing on the first day of important events.

Be it my investiture at school or my first internship, every event has been so memorable for me at the end. But days before, the fear and excitement level in my life has just been quite high.

It’s hard to imagine days before about how the event would go, and even during the event we end up fearing about failure.

Usually, nightmares and daydreams are filled about the event you are soon going to be a part of, sometimes we end up expecting a lot from such days.

I am not forbidding to expect or dream about them, or to feel the fear and excitement of something new. On the contrary, you should experience all these emotions. You should keep expectations but never regret when they don’t come true. Keep expectations from important days, even your birthdays, but keep them low.

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Do you know why should you dream about these important days? Because such days come once in life. We don’t get the chance to be a part of such events every day. By dreaming and experiencing all the emotions we feel, we end up enjoying every such experience to the fullest.

I would like to request my readers to share their thoughts about fear and excitement felt together. It’s little scary and filled with nervousness, but when the event gets over, you begin to miss it a lot. Life makes such days really mysterious for all of us.


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Sharing is Caring-