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Here democracy comes with a set of terms and conditions. We have our own responsibilities, some Rights which have some exceptions. There are so many things which women are not allowed to do even after living in a FREE country! Some of them are as follows:-

1) Alcohol

Why is it okay if a boy consumes alcohol? It is the same drink and gives same disadvantages irrespective of gender (It gives same results weather boy drinks or girl drinks. Its effect won’t change according to the gender). If a girl consumes alcohol her image is stained in front of others. On the other hand if a boy consumes it; he is a MAN – he can have it without any hesitation.

2) Bike Rides

“Bikes are not meant for girls.” Why should a girl be seated on the back seat each time? We have equal rights to drive bikes and cars. Automobiles are made for the convenience of mankind. If a woman can handle everything from home to a small baby, what is a bike for her?

3) Late night walks

“Streets are not safe for girls.” Why can’t we leave our home in the dark? Who makes the streets unsafe? It is not the fault of women. Let’s make the streets safe by teaching boys that a girl’s body and emotions are not the toys to play with. Teach boys to respect girls.

4) Late night parties

Parties are thrown for celebration, enjoyment and happiness. Girls are also human and they too need this enjoyment. Each time a girl asks for night parties, the answer that they get is – “Go with your spouse or your parents.” In reality, parents don’t take them for parties and after marriage they are always occupied in work.


5) Giving Back Answers

“Why are you not getting married?”

“Why are all the boys rejecting you?”

“Why are you gaining/losing so much weight”

“Your skin tone is quite dark. Why don’t you try a treatment?

All such questions can be stopped, only by being rude. If we don’t shut their mouth they’ll continue harassing us. We compulsorily have to give them back answers to silence them.

6) Anger and Shouting

Only boys can shout or express their anger. Always, it is assumed that girls make mistakes. Even if boys commit a blunder, we are supposed to stay quiet. We are no one to question them. Illogical rules I must say!

7) Dance Bars

“Oh my god; what was she doing in a BAR?” She has not been given proper “sanskaars”. She has become a spoilt girl.”

Visiting such areas is okay for boys but not for girls. If a girl enters bar, she is a slut or a whore. She is not pure as she was before.

8) Wearing shorts

Boys can stay without clothes also. No one will question him. For boys, it is summer outside. So shorts are the best thing to wear. On the other hand, girls should take out long pallus no matter what season it is.

If all of the above things are not meant for girls, I request our Indian Government to add a clause and mention this in the books of law – If any girl breaks these rules it would be considered as CRIME. At least we would come to know what exactly are we supposed to do and what not!


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Sharing is Caring-