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“World’ is referred to a place where human civilizations along with other living beings live. The whole world is full of surprises. When god created the world, it is believed that there were not many humans and the whole surroundings were typically like a forest.

And this is what we have also studied in our history books. We, in our school days, have read about the creation of humans and how slowly we transformed ourselves to live in this world. By the word ‘Environment’, what at first comes to our mind is nature, our society, etc.

And that’s what it exactly is. Nature plays a very important role in our day to day life. Our world has seen a lot of changes from the start till now. The changes are both good and bad. It is easy to point out the changes as everything happens only in and around us. But in the present day, we are facing a lot of problems like global warming and other changes because of the way we react and treat our environment. When we say environment, our society is also included in it in every way.


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To make our world a better place, we should consider our world as a mother who offers us everything we want without expecting anything in return. There have caused a lot of changes in the world and these changes led many other changes that affect both, the people and also the environment. Only when we all come together and work towards improving our world, our world can be turned into a better place.

Every change starts from an individual. The small change we do in the surroundings itself can make the world a better place. For example, when we go for a walk in a park, we can have kind words with the watchman or the gardener. They feel happy and they develop confidence when we speak something to them. When someone is in need, we ought to help them if we can. We grow plants and trees and only when we water them and take good care of them, they will grow into a beautiful and fruitful tree.

The same way, only when we help in changing the world, the world will help us in other ways. In what way we people change, the world changes. It is we, who is running the machine and it is we who should take good care of it and repair it in order to make it work properly for our benefit. When we go out, we find a lot of different people and these people will have their own suggestions and ideas for their life and also for the changes they want to make or see in the environment they live in. People differ but the ideas more or less will be the same when it is about improving our environment.

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Good habits are taught in school to children so that they realize it and later in their lives follow it. The same way, they should be taught about our environment and what change as a younger generation they can bring to make the world a better place. Normally, children have varied ideas on anything we ask them to do and that is the reason they are taught all the basics in their schooling days. When it comes to society and their own environment, they will have better ideas too.

No matter who we are or where we belong to or what work exactly we do, we all love our country and we are willing to stay in a better place no matter what happens. When we want to stay in a better place, then we are the ones who are supposed to contribute for our society and surroundings. When we are hungry we eat, when we are happy we laugh and when we are sad we cry. And in the same way, when we want a better world to live in, we are the ones who could make it a better place. Only with our contribution and development, the world will achieve more.

Our world in the past few years has seen a lot of changes from the development in technologies to development in the environment. Nowadays, people give more and more importance to education. I am not saying education is not important. Education is the only key to success in any field we take up later in future but we should not educate our children just for the sake of getting a degree or a good job.

We should educate them to be a great human in the society who wishes to change the world to a better place in a humble way and encourage others to do the same. Getting educated only for the sake of money is not going to help the person in any way. A person who cares and helps his society will definitely be regarded as the great person in the future even after his/her death. For example, great leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, George Washington, Martin Luther King, etc. have fought through their lives in order to save their nation and bring about good changes in their respective countries.


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They fought for their nation and not for the whole of the world but now the whole of the world knows them by their name. This is only because of their contribution to their own society. Our society itself has a lot of different people and cultures and only when we all start treating others as equally as we treat ourselves, we will all live in peace.

There should not be any discrimination on the basis of caste, creed, religion or color. We all belong to this world and everyone are the children of this mother called “Earth”. We are born in this world to achieve great heights. And so, we should work equally with all and we should definitely bring about a change in our society which in future will change the world.

Yet, one more interesting way to convey people about our society, changes and improvements to make the world a better place is through books. Books can be a way to deal with a lot of problems and it can give solutions in a simple way that will make people understand. Books are a person’s best friend. Even if not many read books, the content in the book will definitely be shared by the readers to their friends and family when the book is so interesting.

Young writers, who nowadays come up with a lot of ideas on environment and the problems faced by people in the society can write it down in the form of a book or in the form of an article which will be read and later be solved. Words that cannot be spoken directly can be written in words. Books will definitely have a great impact on changing our world to a better place. When you listen, you listen only half but when we read or write you know the content by heart.

Everything starts from us. Everything we do, changes things around. What exactly we want to do to change the world is our own individual decision. Only when we want to make a change, we will work towards it to make it a success. And nowadays, I myself personally can see lot of changes in the city or the place I live in. It is not that everything has changed to good but definitely people are bringing in a change. The rules are being followed; not ninety nine percent but I can say at least about forty percent.

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The younger generation kids will never know how the city or town was before they were born. They will not know what were the changes made that now they are living in a peaceful and sophisticated way. But they will definitely read about all the changes in the world through books which will probably be added in their school syllabus after few years. We, in this 21st century, live a very mechanical life. We don’t have time even to spend with our own families and friends.

We live, we work, we earn but we don’t enjoy because of the pressure we have in order to work and save. In this fast pacing life, we should definitely make time to make a minute change on our behalf for our own world. It is similar to a beautiful painting of a child who once used to scribble on the wall when he was small. Everything needs a startup. Let each individual have the mindset that “I should be the one to begin”.

We should believe in teamwork. Teamwork always brings in people and can always be done successfully along with lots of fun and learning. “Alone we can do little, but together we can do so much” by Helen Keller. Let us make our mother happy as her child and in order to make this successful let us all together join and make our world a better place to live in.


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Sharing is Caring-