Sharing is Caring-

Beauty filled everywhere.Without us, it is nowhere.

Our presence cannot be everywhere but it can be felt anywhere. We are the reason of existence. We are the powerful identity and cannot be determined as a substance.

We are projected as delicate, sensitive, beautiful, shy, soft spoken and weak. But we have a hidden us, deep inside, which only gets tapped when harmed, hurt and when we are treated in a wrong way, hampering our identity and self-respect.

In this polluted world, trust is rare and when we talk or demand about safety people make fun, laugh or even stare. We are trapped, blamed, misguided, cheated, raped, killed and so many other things add up to the list. Where are we? What are we? How are we? Why are we?


We are born for a reason, we grow for a reason, we bleed for a reason, we love, we marry, and we give birth for a reason. We dream, we achieve, we fulfill, we contribute, we invest, we sacrifice, we compromise, we live and lastly we need not prove ourselves for every reason. We just deliver and the outcome is to be interpreted and deciphered with your understanding to find the reason.

Responsibility is one’s duty to gain the respect and dignity. In spite of making fun or hurting just give a thought before you act.

She isn’t an object,

An Item or a subject,

To bitch about her and falsely project,

Try to understand, win her trust and connect.

Have no selfish motives and don’t give her a chance to suspect.

Create the world where she can move freely and fly without any fear and worry of self-protection.

Take a step to be the change, so that the coming generations don’t get affected.

Just do your bit by valuing her existence, by treating her with respect.


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Alekhya Sana

Alekhya Sana

I love to write and scribble when thoughts flow not spend much time on writing... I am creative, inquisitive, live for the moment person who Loves to read, travel and self-love.
Alekhya Sana

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Sharing is Caring-