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Development, progress, immense sincerity towards work, and wishing an overdose of success are things that sound hardly difficult in today’s world. It is generally observed that the ratio of those involved in the above mentioned actions are way higher than those who are equally concerned and aware about their health.

Being concerned about profit making in the work field does not lead to a problem as long as the person is also giving importance to their health and well being.

But most workaholics do not pay any heed to health advice. This might be due to the increased primacy over their work.

But this does not help. Want to know why? Here is the reason. Only when a person is fit and fine, he/she can be capable to work hard and earn profits, benefiting themselves as well as the nation. So, in a way health concerned people also tend to have a greater work potential. Not only for the workaholics, this stands true universally.

If you haven’t paid attention or devoted time for your health, it’s never too late to start. Now is your time to do so. Below are some tips to keep in mind during day to day activities to help you out if you are unaware. Although commonly heard, most of us don’t remember these when the time arrives. –

1. Take a look at what you consume –

We know that fruits are healthy and supply us with the much needed vitamins and anti oxidants. But often the ripe yellow banana that looks delicious might have white patches on its top surface or the inside.

Even the juicy orange, litchis, ripened papaya and most lemon varieties are no exception. Fungus alert ! Stale bread, and even cooked meat and fish that we think are well preserved in the fridge are additions to the above list. Sounds fishy. Appearances are deceptive at times, so before having a bite always have a look

2. Better safe than sorry –

It is not unknown that pesticides, weedicides, herbicides are increasingly used for the crops in the fields as protection measures against some harmful agents. So vegetables available in the market come with it.

While we purchase them believing that they are fresh, they still might contain some of those toxic chemicals within them. Its wise enough to wash those in water for at least half an hour and then use it for cooking. A slight carelessness might create an entry for those harmful substances into the food chain and prolonged consumption is sure to cause damage to us.


Often there are situations when one has to have food outside their homes. Trying to find out about the source of food items before consumption might lead to a better choice and comparatively lesser adulteration/ contamination.

3. Self awareness counts –

On rare occasions commonly known nutritious food might pose a threat to the human body as the metabolism differs from person to person, individual suitability also matters in this case. Thus, it is important to understand what can be accepted by our physiological system in order to avoid the adverse impact of it affecting us and getting nutrition in the best form.

A person must be aware of his/her apetite. Overeating as well as starvation are both equally harmful and carrying on with either for a long period of time would cause irreparable damage.

To truly relish the food one has to enjoy every morsel of it and what better way to do it than actually consuming the food in the correct proportion ?

Exercising regularly is of immense benefit for our health and wellness. So workout is gaining more and more importance in the recent times, especially by youngsters. They tend to spend time at the gym with a routine workout plan in order to maintain their shape.

But the fact most of them are greatly unaware of is that the right mode of workout matters that too when tools are used for the same. Need based guidance is required otherwise excessive workout leads to certain difficulties for the person.

4. Healthy mind in a healthy body –

Apart from the physical well being, the condition of the mind matters. With increasing workload in education or in different professions, people should also have hobbies that help them to think a little, imagine and then act upon it. Also, extra curricular activities are important.

Singing, dancing, writing, art and craft, sports or unconventional interests like learning a new language, cooking, photography help in diverting the mind from the usual work being done almost daily, if these are taken up with interest and are not a burden on someone.

So these were some ways how to take control of one’s life in small ways as far as possible. Following these will go a long way for them and this would be a conscious effort to look after their health on their part.

Sharing is Caring-