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Exams! Oh god exams! Let me see how many days are left for exams to begin? I haven’t even finished my syllabus yet, how am I supposed complete it? Oh! God save me, please!

In a month class 10th and 12th students will be sitting for their board exams, it’s very common nowadays for students to feel the pressure of exams. A little bit of stress can be a good thing as it motivates us to knuckle down and work hard. But exams can make stress levels get out of hand, which can stop us from performing our best. So it’s important to address it and get it under control.

I will be telling you about the symptoms related to stress and a few quick tried and tested ways to deal with stress.

Symptoms related to stress:-

  1. Difficulty in getting sleep or waking up in the morning
  2. Constant tiredness
  3. Poor or loss of appetite
  4. Loss of interest in activities
  5. Increased anxiety or irritability
  6. Increased heart rate
  7. Migraines or headaches
  8. Blurred vision
  9. Dizziness
  10. Laziness

Quick tips to deal with exam stress

  1. Learn to recognize when you’re stressing out.
  2. A chat or a break with someone who knows the pressure you’re under is also helpful.
  3. Avoid comparing your progress with others.
  4. Make a study plan and stick to it and revise a lot.
  5. Eat well, have a proper diet filled with fruits and vegetables and drink lots of water. Fuel your brain as well as your body. You just can’t survive on chocolates and coffee
  6. Sleep well, the bed is your sanctuary don’t revise sitting in bed. Get your eight hours of sleep
  7. Exercise being lazy makes your mind lazy too don’t be a sloth.
  8. Meditate for at least 5-10 minutes and do controlled breathing
  9. Stay away from exam post mortem it doesn’t matter what your friends wrote as an answer to a specific question, you can’t go back and change it now.
  10. Don’t set unreasonable goals like I will finish the entire subject in a day, instead set short-term goals and achieve them.

Ultimately don’t lose sight of the fact that there is life after exams. Things might seem intense now but it won’t last forever. All the best for your exams.



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Sakshi Jain

Sakshi Jain

A kid at heart! I find happiness in the little things that life has to offer me. Writing is my escape from the monotony of my life.
Sharing is Caring-