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In today’s times, where communications have been blocked with the use of excessive internet in it, using the messaging apps as a way of constant communication, people have lost their ability to be communicative at the times of real-life conversations. It is not just important to have good communicative skills but also to revive an inbuilt skill that is washing away from time to time. Here are some ways to interact in a way that not just looks natural but also impressive.

1)   Think before you say

It is the basic and the most important step towards great communication. What we want is to look impressive, what we do is, we forget to think. While one is talking to a person, listen to all that he has to say, take mental notes on it and think for an impressive answer. Now, the basic necessity here is, you got to be quick enough. Always give relevant answers. On not analyzing the question, one may often give misleading answers which gives an impression of a distractive mind. So, always think before you say.


The second most important point it, to LISTEN! One does not like inattentive listeners. You may have a bad ear but what is important is to make sure you try to listen and comprehend all that the speaker is trying to say. This gives a good impression as well as the people love to talk to you.


3)   Body Language

One great way to impress the listeners or speakers is a good posture and a straight well behaved body language. Do not stand like a lump. Standing straight gives an insight of discipline in a person. This creates a sense of respect in the people for you. Also, turn to the person you are talking to. Tend to look like you are paying attention. Understand what he/she wants to say and give logical answers.

In a group discussion, do not answer if you have nothing to say, but never make of fool of yourself. This is the most important aspect.

4)   Everyone is equal and important

In a group gathering, you might like one person and might tend to ignore the lesser liked person. But one thing you got to know is that people notice this. Everyone has an eye on you, what you speak and what you do, while you are interacting. It is important to know that when you are speaking, everyone should be taken into account and should be seen with an equal eye.

5)   Vocabulary skills

This is not one of the main aspects, but I would say an important aspect for great communicative skills. Use different but relevant words. Don’t confuse people, but try to be admirable.

6)   Mental notes

One should try to make mental notes on how and when to use certain words and sentences. A rehearsal in the head of communication with another person would be a great idea.

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Sharing is Caring-