Sharing is Caring-

Life is too long to cry, and too short for cherishing beautiful moments with loved ones. Our goal should be enjoying the limited time we have with people who matter and share smiles.

However, as a lot of you know or must have experienced at least once, is heartbreak. An emotionally tough period for any and every individual, heartbreak either shows us how strong we are or how fragile we can be!

Heartbreak can be due to an end of a beautiful relationship or an end to a bad one. In both cases, we experience pain. Feelings and moments in our lives that cannot be explained using neither words nor actions is heartbreak.

However, to help you move on in life and bring life back on track, step by step; here are few ways to deal with the loss.

1)      Do not play the blame game.


The more you will find faults in your partner and play the blame game, the more it will hurt you because it will constantly keep bringing back memories that you are trying to shove into a corner of your heart. It is not easy, trust me, I know how tough it is to pick up the broken pieces, but if you want to fix yourself, moving on without looking back is the way to go.

2)      Cry it out.


Yes, it is absolutely alright to cry your heart out if you feel the need. You can be a man or a woman, if you feel hurt or neglected or broken, you have every right to express your feelings and thoughts. If it means crying and feeling better, so be it. Do not be bothered by “people” of the “society” because let’s face it, they do not care. They just like to sit on the side stands and enjoy the show. So please feel free to show your emotions, however raw.

3)      Talk.


I am someone who cannot express what exactly is going through in my head if I am in pain. I pick up the pieces quickly and decide that I am strong and just go on with life as if nothing happened. Thus, I understand that a lot of people must be facing a similar issue. In such a case, you will realize, there is always one person who will listen to you, let you say everything, let you keep all your cards on the table and not judge you.

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It can be your parent, sibling, friend or colleague. A lot of times, help comes in the most unexpected ways. Believe me when I say this, it is very important to talk. It is always good to lighten the burden that you place on your heart which needs to heal.

4)      Take it easy.

Don’t be too hard on yourself. Extra working hours, excessive workout, stress-eating are honestly not the ways to help you cope. The more you will try to stick to your regular routine, it will easier for you to stay in the groove. The moment you will jump into something extra or extreme, you will somehow start thinking about everything wrong that happened because you will be channelizing your pain and emotions towards something you may have not tried before.


As someone who has been through a difficult time, I know it is not easy to move on. But life is all about picking up the pieces and going ahead. One day, sometime after you have faced pain, you will be able to smile again. You will be able to shine again.

Do not let heart-break take away the light in your soul.


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Sharing is Caring-