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I got up in the morning and like everyone else, the first thing I do is to check my phone for any missed call, email, and WhatsApp messages.

Unlike other mornings , all  email and WhatsApp messages were flooded with ‘Wanna Cry virus Ransomware attack which has threatened data security over 150 countries.’

Some were aware about it while some were not, but all were busy sharing this news and I was glad to know that so many people were really worried for me that I shouldn’t end up hitting a computer virus.

All major organizations and giant IT companies immediately started their analysis and updated their antivirus software with latest patch to avoid any kind of attack.

While going through all such articles and news around me, a thought suddenly hit my mind.

‘We can fix these viruses through updates on hardware and software in our work place but, is our society and people around us aware of the virus attack they go through?’

Confused ?

Let me clear it.

Do you really want to know?


These viruses are ego, anger, hatred, jealous, intolerance, and many more.

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Do we really have any kind of fix or latest patches for our soul systems?

Most of us are aware of the emotional outbursts we go through but, generally ignore to find solutions for them.

In our daily schedule these viruses directly impact our life and slowly destroy us. Every day we face side effects from all or some of these viruses. I will narrate to you an incident that happened recently while I was driving to office.

The road was fully crowded and it was scorching hot. So, it was normal that everyone was in a hurry to reach their destinations. In this hurry, one girl riding next to me, drew my attention. She was on her scooty and suddenly one car came and slightly hit her, and she was about to lose her balance. Somehow she managed to control her scooty. I thanked God that she was fine, but what I saw the next moment really shocked me. One lady opened her car door, got out, and immediately slapped that scooty girl. Instead of saying sorry, she hit her. I mean, what is this? Where is our tolerance level? Instead of asking her well-being, she got angry with her.

This was one incident that happened in front of me. Every day we are reading in newspapers of the many accidents that happen and people losing their lives fighting with each other because of such small scratches.

Remember the recent incident of a fight between an auto driver and a milk man on bike that went viral on social media which ended up with the auto driver losing his life? We all know.

Are scratches on our car more important than human life? No.

How are we being affected by the real Ransomware Virus in our life?

Why it is so easy to remove any computer virus but, hard to work out on these social viruses? They are more dangerous than any other digital virus.

If we are rich enough to buy an expensive car, we should be rich enough to make our anger so expensive that it should not be shown in such small incidents. We should be rich enough to carry love, we should be rich enough to spread humanity. We should be rich enough to tolerate each other.

To avoid digital viruses, we need to upgrade our antivirus signature database. Similarly, to avoid or to remove these social virus or emotional outbursts we need to upgrade antivirus in terms of spirituality, meditation, and upgrade humanity, upgrade love.

Stay happy stay blessed.


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Sharing is Caring-