Sharing is Caring-

“We all wear masks and the time comes when we cannot remove them without removing some of our own skin.”    André Berthiaume

“The Face Behind the Mask!” The words resonate with mystery and excitement. But in reality, it’s a rather sad concept because the person who hides behind a mask is actually dealing with various personal issues. Wearing a mask symbolizes hiding your true personality and presenting a fake personality for others to see.

We’ve all come across people who hide behind masks – people whose real personalities are completely camouflaged behind facades of pretense. They mask their true feelings and they hide their real motives behind words that are intentionally misleading.

Now, this leads to a question. Why do we wear a mask?

There is no fixed answer to it. The reason varies from individual to individual. Some people want to hide their fear, weakness from others due to which they wear a mask to cover their own personality from others.

Some wear it to mislead people into believing them to be good when their intentions are wrong.

Some people attach the mask to make others believe they are different as they fear they will be rejected if people find out their reality.

There is no problem in the mask till it just remains just a mask to cover your face, the problem starts when the mask starts assuming your real identity. When your own identity is questioned by mask it can lead to the dangerous situation. Knowingly or unknowingly we all have a mask attached to our face which we can let go. For example- A person whom you dislike immensely meets you in a social function and greets you courteously you have no option but to reciprocate his greetings hiding your dislike. When you reciprocate his greetings you did it with your masked face for if you show your true feelings your reaction would have been vastly different.

When you have masked your true face (personality) from the people surrounding you, then people tend to assume that the mask on your face to be your real face. They don’t try to see the real face behind the mask. In a sense, they are right as they have always been impressed by your masked face than your real face, so they don’t delve deeper within you to understand the story of the face behind the mask.

People only see what you show them, they believe what they see without evaluating. If they love your mask face more than your real face then no matter how you hard you try to show them your real face they will still like the mask face of yours.

So now what you can do about it?

Nothing. But you can change yourself by letting go off the mask with some flesh than to let the mask take over your whole face flesh. Try to face your fears and insecurities head on. Try to present your true personality in front of the crowd without the fear of getting judged. It’s not easy as it seems yet if you want to take the mask off you had to take a step towards achieving it and accepting your real personality and presenting it to the whole world to see is a step towards it.

Unmask the mask, before they mask you completely.

Behind every mask, there is a face and behind that a story. – Marty Rubin


Sharing is Caring-