Sharing is Caring-

Before blaming others for the masks they wear, remove yours and I’ll see how the world likes you?

No one here shows or is meant to show their true selves to others. Because if they do, then all the world will have is hatred and fights. Friendships will no longer exist. Poems will be written about hate and not love. Hate stories will be in demand more than love stories.

It’s these masks on what a relation survives today.

The day you start to speak your heart or feelings exactly the way they are, you will be termed as the rudest person.

  Remember the time you FAKED a smile to the person you hated/disliked because you didn’t want to look bad.

  Think of the time when you wanted to say NO but you ended up saying YES because you didn’t want to look bad.

 The time you pretended to be someone else because you didn’t want to put up a bad impression.

 The time when you faked your happiness, no matter how much sorrowful you were deep inside.

The list is countless and the masks innumerable.

And the ones who dare to pull out all these masks and stand there undisguised are deemed to be either insane or they live in oblivion.

Talking about being selfless, I’ll say no one on this planet is selfless. Not even a mother’s love is selfless. Somewhere inside, every mother wishes that if she up brings her kid well today, then tomorrow it will take care of her when she grows old. Every human relationship has terms and conditions involved in it.

One of the common reasons we wear a mask I think is “imposter syndrome” i.e., the fear that the people will find us out.  One of the biggest fears of us is that once we remove our masks in the world will turn up and say, “Oh, it’s just you.” We all want to be unique; we all want to be different.

And in lieu of being that we lose what we were.  No one wants to be their own self. People, who claim to be true and undisguised, “Who are you lying to? Me? NO!! You are lying to your own self.”

As comedian and actress Fanny Brice explained, “Let the world know you as you are, not as you think you should be because sooner or later, if you are posing, you will forget the pose, and then where are you?”

You have got so many masks on your face; you have excelled so much in pretending that you have lost your originality in all the mess.

Like our earth is covered under the layer of ozone gas to protect it from the harmful rays of the sun, we have covered ourselves with pretence to protect ourselves from being ourselves.

I have seen a lot of people posting on the internet about the masked people around them and how they hurt them. But tell me one thing, how many of you are your own true self?

Tell me that you don’t have a side that you have hidden from the world!


Sharing is Caring-