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‘POWER’ is a word we all are familiar with and the first thing that comes to our mind is supernatural power or occult power. I am not focusing on occult powers, through which one can perform magic and attain worldly assets. These powers can be acquired through different means. Here I am focusing on the powers that we all are born with. These powers are like potential energy within us and we have to unlock it to change into kinetic energy.

Through these powers, we can change our life in a very dramatic way. What we have to do is just realize this truth that we all can nurture these powers that have immense potential to change our life. These powers are infinite and unfathomable. These powers can make you a much happier person who has everything in his/her life.

Well the first question that comes in our in our mind is,

Do these powers really exist?

We live in this Universe which is very vast and beyond our imagination. We don’t know its both ends yet but we are striving hard to turn down the curtains from the mysteries of this universe. We are born in this universe which is controlled by nature, so we also inherit its characteristics. We think that we know everything about us but, science and technology have their own limitations and sometimes fail to answer mysteries of this life. Where science fails, there comes spirituality to answer these questions. Here you will learn that our body is not just a mixture of five elements but, it is an epitome of power; powers that we are born with.


Even science believes that our body possesses powers. Powers that can heal any wound, any disease, can make you super rich, bring success to your door, and fulfill all your desires you are harboring within you. We only need to unleash these powers.

You might have heard or experienced that after operating a patient successfully; doctor always says that he has done his work, have faith and God will do the rest.

What does it mean, “Have faith and God will do the rest?” And how do these powers work?

Believe it or not but, we all have experienced same things in our lives. Yes sometimes our last resort ‘God’ works wonder for us but, sometimes it won’t. The reason lies in our faith and belief. If our faith and belief are impeccable without any doubt, we will reach our destination one day sooner or later but if we harbor and nurture any doubt and negative thoughts in our mind then things won’t happen the way we want them to.

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It’s the power of our faith and belief that attracts everything in our life. This simple phenomenon works on the theory of ‘ the law of attraction’. Our positive thoughts attract desirable result whereas our negative thoughts and fear attract undesirable things. The same thing was told by Buddha also,

“What we think, we become”.

If we have faith and belief in the laws of nature and we are always positive then surely we will get what our heart is craving for. It’s totally in your hand how you want to build your life.

“God helps those who have faith and belief in the laws of nature.”

How can we attract positive thoughts that lead to fruitful results?

Dr. Joseph Murphy has written a revolutionary book called “The Power of your Subconscious mind”. He advised that we can train our mind to think positive and imprint positive thoughts in our subconscious mind with the help of different techniques and methods that bring desirable results in our life.


With belief, the thoughts embedded in our mind attracts everything you desire. So learn the art of positive thinking because your body is your slave and respond according to the commands passed by your Subconscious mind. It’s your Subconscious mind that wakes you up at a particular time. It’s your subconscious mind that guides you in different situations.

You can unleash the power within you and be the master of your life.

Today we see many successful people. They have everything not because they worked really hard but because they had faith and belief in their work and inner potential that they can do anything. They were able to clear all the barrier in their quest for happiness.There are plenty of living examples who have achieved so much in their life despite many hindrances. There is a huge list of names. But I would like to mention one name that’s ‘Adele’ because she is one of the most famous singers who has grabbed many awards like Grammy awards and Academy Award.

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Her voice is not sweet and melodious like other singers. She was mocked by many people because of her voice but now all can see where she stands today.Her perseverance, nature, indomitable will, and faith kept her going through hard times. She trained her mind to be a singer and now she is a singer. People like her made their own way against the wind. It’s true that

“Limit exists only in our mind”.

We can defy every norm and shape our future the way we want. If we unleash the power within us, we will surely achieve what others have achieved. We all are powerful enough to change and direct our life. We are blessed with these powers. Let’s not waste our precious life in complaining and crying over petty things because we are the master of this powerhouse.

It would be the best thing to do if you start visualizing yourself having achieved everything that you have ever wanted for five minutes before going to bed and you will see the change.

“With belief, the thoughts embedded attracts everything you desire”.


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