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“Who is more to be pitied, a writer bound and gagged by policemen or one living in perfect freedom who has nothing more to say” – I still do not know whether it’s a rhetorical question or it’s merely there to baffle the mind of us.

Hi there, I was suffering from the writer’s block and today I am going to write about that and I know if you have been a writer or ever aspired to be one, you suffered the same predicament too. It’s a horror that every literary mind dreads, a drought without a drop of water, an abysmal darkness without a shred of light, a pen without its might.

Blockage phase of mind…

Unblocked thy mind and pick-up pen

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So, going through a writer’s block is never easy. First you start to lose the expression and then the means to express them. You start fumbling for words, for sentences which makes sense and which grasps your mind. But your mind is out of shape. It doesn’t know what to think, it doesn’t know what it wants to say and so it lays formless, day after day, in the same way. Then you start to wonder, if that’s what your whole life is going to look from now one, finishing one ink tube after another, wondering why the garbage box is so full of papers within 600 seconds since you started write.

Later you start listening to people, who tell you about a lot of things, like you should start to medicate before you write, you should make a writing habit of 30 minutes each day, you should start smoking pot or cigarettes to brighten up your “creative cells” and what not and you end up trying anything and everything, achieving nothing, with a sense of numbness in you. You’re like the stagnant water that never flows but carries within itself the possibility of being home to a lotus someday. And only with that conviction of the possibility, you wait.

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Experiences matter, so do have little..

Blockage period does give you a lot to learn from. For example I came out of my writer’s block by holding the hands of it. I wrote this piece about my experience through it and bang! I was back. It helps a lot when the writer is in sympathy with the subject matter. Other than that, it helped me learn the most valuable thing. That my gift is precious and for what it is worth, nothing is more important than those words which I almost lost then.


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I had a new-found respect for my writing and also a lover’s insecurity. It led me to explore more and more genres of writing; for example, content writing, journalism etc which helps you to at least get into a habit of writing before you can come back with your creativity.

Most importantly, how it’s okay to not panic and give it a break because sometimes it is more important to observe than to pen down the chaos.



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Sharing is Caring-