Sharing is Caring-

I want to shout out loud,

But then I fear how my weak body would react to my screams.

I want to cry out hard and have an emotional meltdown,

But I fear the emptiness inside, once all the pain shall flow out.

I want to laugh out loud,

But I fear, for my happiness can be short lived.

So many emotions

How to get them out?

At times I feel like a stone,

And the next moment I’ve a meltdown.

I fear to show my emotions.

But I don’t care about the world.

I just fear for my heart.

I want to live in the present,

But I also fear my future,

As the past, still haunts me.

I want to forget it all, but I can’t let go.

I want to hold onto the happiness, but it slips away like sand.

I want to throw away the pain, but it just sticks around like a glove on a hand.                                   

For I am now confused as hell,

And I cannot find a way out.

You must be wondering what is such a depressing post doing on this page! On a page that is meant to bring positivity in one’s life and inspire people.

The one meant to motivate people to do their best and never lose hope.

But unless there is darkness, we don’t value light.

Similarly, without pain and sorrows, we would never value the happiness and joys in our lives.

Well, if the pain was not around and joy was the only thing, how boring our life would have been.

Who would you motivate then?  Who would inspire you to do your best?

It’s the fear of failure that pushes us to do our best.

It is the fear of failure, that one loses hope and stops trying.

It depends upon the person and his/her choice. Whether he/she chooses to move on and work harder or to back out and lose hope.

Crying, laughing, shouting, screaming are just a way to express our emotions.

But then, we fear to get them out; for we fear our inner fears. Fear overpowers our courage and rattles our self-confidence. It slowly consumes our soul and sucks all the positivity out of it. We need to be strong & win over our fears to get rid of our pain.

Who would you inspire if there was no pain? Where would you find uncontrollable laughter or see a genuine smile if there were no sorrows?


What would be the value of that beautiful smile if there were no tears?

Well, helping someone to lift up the corners of their lips into a beautiful smile is one of the biggest joys of life.

But sadly, pain is the most underrated emotion of our lives. We never value it in its entirety. We often forget how strong it makes us and how it helps us fight the odd times and emerge as a true winner.

Also, there have been many instances when you laugh at the situation that was painful in your past. Let’s do it for every other sorrow in our lives and set our emotions free from all self-imposed bondages.

Just think about it once;

If there was no pain, sorrows or sadness,

Would Boost Thyself and other such selfhelp websites exist?

I am grateful to them for valuing the pain and taking the onus to inspire and motivate people to overcome all the hurdles in life and emerge victoriously.

And remember one thing, be it good or bad,

“Yeh waqt bhi guzaar jaega.”

So live in your present and enjoy, no matter what curveball life throws at you.



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Sharing is Caring-