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It has been really long since I have written a blog about someone that I know. Sometimes it gets me wondering as to why would you as a reader want to know about my life or my friend circle or would want to know how I deal with things instead of giving up… Honestly, reading about someone’s life sometimes gets really monotonous.

Because accept it or not, every human faces ups and downs, every human has someone important in their life. And between their own mess when they sit to read someone else stories and life lessons, it does not always turn into something inspirational. At least I’ll say that there is nothing new that I deal with that you don’t, and ranting to you all about those stuff in a blog will just get my readers to dislike what they read.

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I don’t want you all to gain inspiration from my stories or from the friends circle I belong to, I want you all to become a part of it, to connect to it. Not only mentally but emotionally and reflect over your life, and find that source of joy that was hidden till now or atleast go ahead and acknowledge their presence in your life.

Getting back to the topic of today, One such presence of joy in my life is this person who I knew for maybe more than 3 years, but someone who always remained an anonymous friend till some months ago. This person was not anonymous to me, because there was something that I did know but there were many closed books in those 3 years that never let the spark of friendship glow between us.

Right when school life is in all plans to end, Destiny gets me to meet this person again after 3 years in a really weird and awkward way. At times it gets tough to understand people in the first go you meet them and sometimes it is so easy to understand people when you first speak to them. Have you ever realized why?

Because the people who seem to have been so easy to understand aren’t opening to you their real self, all their showing is a person that was created by society and peer pressure. And trust me the amount of happiness it gives me to be near people who are tough to understand than people who are easy to, It maybe hard to strike a conversation but you have that contentment and satisfaction to know someone and befriend someone who has no fakeness that transformed their character in front of you.

This is basically what I felt when I first met this person after 3 years. It did take that long to strike a conversation but when it did it took all those numerous days of happiness to spend time talking to each other and knowing ourselves which made up for all the loss to not be with each other past 3 years.

Sometimes in the most unusual ways, you find a best friend. It’s not always important to find someone like you but it is important to find someone who knows you and still wants you. People say its amazing to be with a person who is similar in nature to you, but remember your essence cannot be felt by only being with a person who is similar to you because trust me no one truly understands the quality of themselves, your essence can only be felt when you are with someone who knows your flaws and still regards you as your best friend.

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Rather than what I see in today’s world, where we begin a friendship in the name of some attention of benefit but when it comes to dealing with others flaws, people often backout from their friendship only because they never wanted to accept you with your flaws, they wanted you with your benefits instead.

Its been a couple of months since I have become best friends with this person, it is not about the way I am supported or the way I am encouraged, these are traits every friendship has. But it is about the way I am realized everyday how much I mean to them, it is about the way I am told that maybe we can’t spend a lot of time together but the little I talk to you gives me immense joy.

A best friend is one who doesn’t stay beside you when you are weak but this best friend of mine made me realize that, A best friend is one who never lets you become weak.

And today I want you all to ask yourself who is your true best friend? Because many will claim to be with you, many will send a hand to remove you from the well but you need to find the person who will held your hand tight and pull you back before you even fall into the well.


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Sharing is Caring-