Sharing is Caring-

To be a friend of someone is the warmest gift that you can ever offer someone. There are many relations that a human can bear in his/her life. But the heartiest of all is friendship. A bond which is not of blood but it inspires you to shed blood for them.The bond which asks for nothing but will give you everything.

A relation which you can never realize before its happening.

It’s like love. But there are no fears of break-ups.

It’s like the relation of parents. But there is no fear in telling them anything.

It’s just like any other relationship. But it is a summary of every role that you can ever play.

We all have someone,whom we can never give up on. They were not expected to join us in our journey but now we can’t either deny that without them, our journey would have been much more different and void.

From sharing secrets that sometimes we fear to remember, we can feel completely raw with them. They are not like others who judge you on what you do but they judge you on what you are.

But sometimes it becomes hard for us to find a few pearls of friends in this crowd of shells. We often end up fixing ourselves to the people who are not willing to be a part of our journey. And this becomes the reason for us to hate the existence of friendship.


But this is just like abusing a family only because one member went wrong.We can’t ever blame the friendship on any of the problems we face. It’s a feeling which comforts you from the darks of the world. It is an independent mind of your existence in this world of boundaries.

There can be several measures to opt before you let someone be your friend but trust me, the one friend who became your part without any test and one day you see them with a smiling face, you realize that the measures you were opting were certainly something you have to leave. It’s not about the rules which they abide; friendship is about the rule-breaks that you adore.

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Don’t rely on someone and blindly follow their strength and let them be a part of your journey. Just regularly keep an eye on your strength and within a couple of days, you will have several eyes which will have a keen look at you. They are never willing to save you behind any dead end, but they are meant to hold you when you fall in the end.

They will provoke you to break the laws and when law is ready to break you, they will become your armor.

There are many more things that we can add to keep a check on friendship but the most recognizable and the most efficient way I find is to keep a free entry at your heart but a charged exit in your brain. Friends will never use that charged exit but will happily stay in the free premises of your heart.


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Sharing is Caring-