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Time has a special ability to fly without wings. It travels with a speed, high enough for your brain to fumble and slow enough for your heart to cherish everything. We often recall our bygone days that leaves us in remorse. Today as we look back, we realize that we were content and happy then. As we have started progressing, we find ourselves molding to become to something. Unfortunately, we find nothing out of us.

The early phase of our life, when we were of tender age, had always been beautiful.  But, in spite of it being beautiful, I look at it as being truthful.time

It is a true phase and a stage where we had not performed for an audience, but for ourselves. The life in which we had never woke up to impress anyone.  The playful life in which, the only tension we had was, to not be serious about anything. But now, we are limited to boundaries and we are tragically working for the show. We are so occupied with our work that we do not realize us to have become deaf, dumb, blind and handicapped with the so-called progress.

When my eyes see a child smiling, I feel pity for that smile. I can realize that the smile is only a temporary portrait of his happiness. In the coming years, he will learn to have scars. Yet, he will try and pretend smiling like before. He will not live with a truth that he is happy but he will live with a lie that he is smiling.

Time changes and we are destined to be a part of it

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When I was a kid, I used to roam and play in the park in the evenings with my dad. And in the nights, I used to tell him about my dreams. My dreams or precisely, my aims were the occupations of those people I saw in the park and I was naive with my opinions. I wanted to become a pilot, a scientist, a dancer, and even a carpenter. He used to say a simple “Yes” and caress my hair till I slept with a smile. But now, I wonder my condition being so blunt. I was willing to become an all-rounder when I was a kid, now I am nothing for myself or for the world. I stammered to tell my family what I wanted to be. I became what they wanted and I am living the way they wanted to live. Family can never be blamed for this.

They chose a secure path for me but I was a traveler in my own thoughts. I used to wander in my dreams and now I cannot even travel around in my life. I sometimes wonder what went wrong and after hours of confused answers, I always end up saying myself that time rules my dynasty like an invader. But we are helpless. Some fights cannot be fought but can only be faced. Time is the sole authority for limitlessness.

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It leaves us sad to realize that in the upcoming years, life would get harsher and we have to stand there to face it. Neither can we change that nor can we try. All we can ever do is to stand and tackle every sword being thrown at us by time. We can train ourselves to fight and not to lose. So putting a smile as our armor as the only weapon of existence with ourselves, let us enjoy growing up.

Or should I say, let us just grow up because enjoying also stays a myth?


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Sharing is Caring-