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We live in a society which preaches us many things. For every action, there is a reaction from the society. Be it good or bad society always has a say in it. Our society plays a big part in deciding what’s right and what’s wrong for us. If we follow those rules and regulations of the society we are regarded as a good citizen, an ideal person but if we go against it we fall from the said standards of the society.

This has been the system from the beginning of mankind. Many-times due to the pressure of the society people is not able to decide what their desires and aspirations are. As even our family wants us to follow the rules and regulations of the society without questioning them. But still, the importance of society cannot be degraded by any means for society is a mirror of the thinking of the people.


Yet we have to question the rules of it if we want to go forward as a society. So, today let’s talk about things that are not looked up in a society but are important in our personal life. There are many things but let’s discuss the most important things.

  1. Being Selfish:- Selfishness is always regarded as something bad in our society. Though there is a certain degree of truth to it, selfishness as a whole cannot be looked down upon. If a person cares about himself before other, is the person wrong? No. If you don’t think about yourself no one else would think about you.
  2. Questioning Society:- No matter how old you are society can place questions in front of you but society never wants its obligation to be questioned even if it’s in a wrong position. It does not like to let others point out its follies.
  3. Accepting Sexuality:- Even though we are in the second decade of the 21st century yet our society is not yet open to accepting peoples sexuality. Even today people of LGBT community are looked down upon by our society.
  4. Following your dreams:- Our society never inspires people to follow their dreams rather they would be happy to see everyone to lead a monotonous life and being engaged in a 9-5 job than being an artist, actor, writer etc.
  5. Judging you:- Our society keeps telling us to be who we are. Everywhere we hear it yet reality paints a different picture altogether as people are judged when they are themselves
  6. Expecting male partner to earn more:- Our society people always want to marry their girls to boys whose earnings are much more than the girl. If it is reverse then society have difficulty in accepting it.
  7. Discrimination on basis of colour:- No matter what people say how much we shout there is no discrimination on the basis of colour but in reality, it differs. There is racism on the basis of colour as fair skinned people are always given more importance than tanned skin people.
  8. Discrimination among rich and poor:- Just like colour, poor people are always discriminated in the society. The rich are always favoured in our society over the poor and weaker section of the society.
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The list will go on and on. It’s up to us to leave this thing behind and go forward as you cannot change the mindset of the society but you can contribute towards the betterment of the society by changing yourself as change begins from within.


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Sharing is Caring-