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A billion years ago, when God made humans; remember, he made only humans!

God did not make the religion. God did not teach or ask anybody to follow a certain sect nor did God make castes.

God just made man, and man made religion.

Today a vast majority is obsessed with religion, castes, customs and beliefs. Some of us even justify ‘killing’ in the name of God.

Now I am not here to hurt anybody’s sentiments or preach what you should or should not do. Of course you can’t and shouldn’t end someone else’s life in the name of religion.

What I wish to share with you all is a truth that deep down, subconsciously, every soul is aware of.

Every religion says, God is one. That there is only one superpower that guides us all. Only one guiding force and only one force capable enough to end everything in the blink of an eye.


However, this is brought forward by individuals – individuals who think they are the voice of that universal force. Some are genuine and truly practice humanity.

But there is still a large section that uses the faith of humans to fulfil their greed.

There is a very thin line between faith and blind faith. Thus, it is our responsibility to be aware of our actions.

Time and again, we have heard of horrendous cases where men and women are exploited monetarily and physically.

Individuals need to realize that if someone is truly theistic, he/she will not exploit you in any way.

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God did not tell anybody what to eat. God did not tell anyone what to wear.

To try and explain this in a better way, I would like to talk about Sikhism, because that is the religion that I follow.

Sikhs have 10 gurus. 10 preachers who have said beautifully, wonderful things.

Every Sikh follows the preaching of the gurus and give every iota of respect to the Guru Granth Sahib (the holy book with teachings of the 10 gurus)

Technically, that is the only thing Sikhs need to know and believe in. That is it. If God expects you to follow the right path, he must be happy & satisfied.

But people forget this and become followers of babas and deras or so called “God-Men” where not only do they believe in things that are untrue, but also forget everything they knew or felt about religion before they became followers of xyz sects.

For me the fact is simple, you either say you believe in God or you don’t. Ideally, that is how it should be. Nobody can or should force you into following your faith or giving up on it. No human being has that power on you except your own self.

You should believe in only one supreme power. I call that power God, like million others. Some call the same power by different names. The bottom line is still the same everywhere.

The universe is controlled by someone or something that we cannot see, feel or hear but still strongly believe in.

That belief is all you need. You do not need someone else’s assurance or reassurance of your deeds.

Nobody knows if there is a heaven or hell. Nobody knows if there is life after death.

Similarly, nobody can tell you if God will bless you if you sacrifice a child, or give you a son if you fast for eleven days or give your spouse a long life if you get married to a tree.

If keeping fasts, and wearing rings would have made someone rich or avoid mishaps in the future, all astrologers, numerologists, and psychics would either be billionaires or immortal.

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Everything happens for a reason and there is a right time for each thing – big or small. All we need is not let anyone rattle our faith and patience.

You will get all the blessings and curses while you are alive on the planet Earth. Nobody can promise you anything more or less.  


If you follow the path of righteousness and follow your instincts and you see someone getting trapped or lured into a sect or institution that may change and ruin their thought process, which eventually shall alter their personality, talk to them, at least once! Make them understand the difference between faith and blind faith.

Live this life by listening to your soul, and with belief in righteousness. That voice in your head to do well is God. That feeling you get before you are about to do something wrong or negative is God’s way of indicating you to step back.

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Follow your religion but if it says (which it won’t) that doing wrong and inhumane things will get you a place in heaven, or if you meet someone or believe in somebody who wears few beads around their necks and rings on their fingers and khadi clothes, then you need to retrospect and need a renewed belief system.

God, Allah, Rabb, Bhagwan and many other names – they are all names of that one supreme force protecting us all. That force is our sole governor. You only need to tell yourself everyday God is one.

I would like to conclude by saying that, if you do not follow any religion or do not believe in God – it is your choice and you should stand by it. Do not cave under pressure from others.

And lastly, if you want people around you to follow your religion or religious practices – you must explain your views but you shouldn’t force it on them.


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Sharing is Caring-