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The beginning of the title was a cushion for the ending of it. Sex workers, those who are the non-human, non-touchable, piece of meats people use for their carnal desires- or at least what people think.

We sometimes refuse basic human rights to the sex workers without having an empathic point of view of their situation.

Some people are cursed with illegal trafficking, and thrown in this abysmal darkness forever. And some have chosen to meet the ends of the day because Darwin himself said if you don’t thrive for your existence you’ll be soon forgotten and left as a whip of smoke melting away in the pool of oblivion.

People assume nothing has been done wrong if it’s done to a sex worker. For example, if a persistent /regular customer refuses to pay after completely taking every drop of life from them, it’s okay to grant the person mercy because he is not The Flinch in the social cycle and the blindfold in the statue of justice tightens itself.

Sex Workers

For example, when some sex workers get raped it doesn’t count as rape. Just because they trade money for some hours of sexual pleasure of the customer, doesn’t mean that she is a consumer product and can be harassed in every possible way.

For instance, when some sex workers want to educate their child in a hope for a better future than themselves, in the mystic dream, they forget that, in the society they are still the Flinch and even if the child is completely unaware of everything, starting to explore life in his own ways, he finds out that in this world, he too is a Flinch and this will continue for generation after generation cause society doesn’t believe giving prodigal sons a chance again.

Fighting for human rights of the sex workers starts at a very elementary level- First, recognize them as a human, with blood, flesh, and emotions. Start talking to them; try to understand the depths which they conceal with layers of makeup and darkness.

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Try to know the pain behind the every swear word they utter, and what was left unexplainable in them which will continue to do so if we don’t take steps. The scene of the Indian constitution on this matter is very vague.

According to the Wikipedia page, sex workers are not protected under normal labor laws, but they possess the right to rescue and rehabilitation if they desire and possess all the rights of other citizens. Let’s carry on the movement and put our hopes on the intellectuals of the system.


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Sharing is Caring-