Sharing is Caring-

Every individual is different from another. No two people in the world is alike. There are similarities, yet each person has a distinct personality than others. Even twins are different from one another, even though they share the same look. Similarly, every individual has their own point of view regarding different topics ranging from sports, movies, politics, life etc. We may agree with them or we may not, but we need to show a certain respect to their choices. Just because their view points are different from us doesn’t make them wrong. Even if we don’t agree to any of their choices we must refrain from viewing our difference in an impolite manner.

Our life is a result of our choices that we take in course of life. Our views points are reflection of our life. The other person’s views are reflection of his or her life.


It’s not easy for us to understand someone else’s view point till we experience it on our own. Understanding people is hard and what’s even harder is to get their view point.

When we don’t understand the other person’s view point, then there are chances of a quarrel arising between the two people when they don’t understand how to respect other people’s choices. The greatest example of it is our political parties. They are busy in insulting one another as they never understand the other party’s view point neither of the party shows respect to their ideology.


So how can we understand others view point better?

There is no sure answer to it. The first step though would be to start respecting everyone as a person. Try to understand their view point; maybe they have good reasons to believe it. Try to step into their shoes to get a better view of the world from their eye it’s not easy but once you are able to read situations from other people’s viewpoint you will definitely be able to grow from within. It will also help you to resolve many issues that are directly or indirectly affecting your life.

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Remember, we all may be different but at the end of the day, we are all humans, the greatest social animal. What makes us different from other animals is that we can understand the need of others better than other animals. So, let’s learn to respect each other choices without being judgmental. Remember this phrase,



Sharing is Caring-