Sharing is Caring-

Life is a journey, not a destination. We should always take steps to move forward in life, no matter how the path is, try to cross it with confidence. Life is the most precious gift that we are blessed with. We should appreciate it in all possible ways. It is the most valuable asset. According to Shakespeare, There are seven ages of man.


Young man
Old man

Dotage and death

The most crucial stage is Teenager. This is the stage where a child is either blossomed or withered. All depends on the circumstances that he passes through. In this stage, he needs proper guidance and assists. If he gets depreciation and rejection from everyone, he goes into depression and thinks to end his life. He is unaware of the priceless gift that he is blessed with and ends. He needs to balance his life at this stage.

Nowadays so many incidents occur in day to day life. According to a survey report, more than 3000 adolescents die every day; 1.2 million deaths a year is observed in the world. There are various reasons for it. To reduce this death rate, we should be aware of the causes of the deaths. Here are some causes that show why teenagers end their life.

1) Rejection In Relationship –

Teenage is the age where opposite gender is attracted towards each other. At this age, they take this attraction as love and starts dreaming about future life. In short period of time, they plan their future with one whom they have met few days or months ago. They are unaware of the actual definition of love. They are blindfolded and are not ready to listen to anyone. They love to live their own life. If they are ditched in this relation, they think they have lost everything.

They feel like now it’s over, they don’t have any reason to live. Life is meaningless to them. They are not able to believe that they are rejected by someone. They lose their temper and are pushed in wrong directions. They are not able to forget those memories that they spent together.  They are not able to imagine their life after that as everything is like a dark room in which they shut themselves. Instead of trying to cope up with the situations by facing them strongly, they are behaving in an abnormal way and are thinking to end their life.

They are driven to suicide as they view their situation as being completely hopeless and feel as they don’t have a way to change things for better. They are unable to forget their past situations because they are injured in a relationship from which they are not able to heal themselves.  

Due to this, they pass through conditions which lead them to depression. They are depressed as they are not able to balance their life. They are the one who is afraid of the new beginning and feeling guilty for the same. They think life without special one their life is worthless and decide to end their lives.

2) Unable to meet academic targets –

In this competitive world, there are lots of competitions in education system also. Day by day, the level is rising. Teenage is the age where their level of education is also raised. They have to work hard and have to give their best. At this age, they have more pressure for studies because their future is depended on it. This is the age where failure in education is like an atomic bomb which scatters their life. They are unable to recollect these scattered pieces and encounter with the situations that they face.

Education plays the key role to make life successful. If they are not able to achieve the desired targets in academics then they think life is stuck from where they are not able to find the result. Education is an Atlas which leads their life towards destinations. If they fail to meet the results that they want for fulfilling their desires, they are discouraged.

They think their future is in dark and they are not able to find solutions to overcome it. Even at the same time, they have to face peer group who makes them feel isolated after failure. They are treated as the unwanted member of the group which demotivates them.

They try to search themselves in the group and when they realize that they are ignored, they leave the group. They live alone. Loneliness is a disease which destroys the person from inside. This is the time when they want to support and encouragement from friends, but they are looked in such way that they feel like are punished without mistakes. When they fail to meet the targets, they are like the directionless ship. They don’t try to fight with circumstances instead they decide to put a lock on their lives which are not the solution to their problem.   

 3) Unable to fulfill parent’s desires –

Kids are considered the shadow of their parents. Parents always wish to see their children with flying colors. Mostly parents’ expectations from their kids are beyond the limitations. They want their children to fulfill desires and in that parents fail to view actual desires of their children. They want that their children should give the best and make them proud.

Even children love to see the happiness in their parents’ eyes. Teenage is the age where parents’ expectations increase. As potter gives shape to pot parents mold their children and expects beautiful outcomes. When youngsters fail to fulfill their parent’s desires after trying their best, they become restless. They are not able to have an eye contact with their parents. They think how to face parents with such failures.

They are so guilty that they think it’s better to end their life than to have an eye contact with parents. They think if they are not able to keep their parents promise they don’t have any right to live anymore. Here, parents also talk about their expectations from children and every time parents repeat their words as a reminder.

These reminders sometimes turn to danger when children are lacking in accomplishing parents wish they decide to close their eyes who have yet not seen their dreams.

In our day to day life, we are reading or listening news where youngsters suicide for one or another reason. Most people feel sad when they hear any incident. They feel compassion for the family who loses their close ones, but no one tries to find the actual reason behind it. Everyone cries for one who leaves the earth but doesn’t try to understand the situations that the person goes through.

Teenage is a critical age. They need special care and support. If they don’t get that support, they are frustrated and harm themselves. They are responsible for their wrong decisions but instead of ignoring them, support them in tough times. Support works as a tonic which helps them to cope up with the worse situations. Parents should be their children in tough times. Parents are the strength and with their blessings, kids can win any struggle.

Try to be the sun who comes after dark night, support the youngsters to deal with dark night and shine brightly with colorful feathers. Always try to encourage them by holding their hand and utter


Sharing is Caring-