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In India, we firmly believe in God.  It is rightly said “Bhagwad Gita has the solution to all problems in life. This means whatever phase of life you are in, you can easily come out of it if you adopt the preaching given in Bhagavad Gita.

In a similar manner, there are several other religious books that help us learn the “Art of Living”. Life is all about winning lost battles and this can be done wisely only if you know how to remain calm in tough situations.

Today, we will learn the “Art of Living” from the popular Hindu Deity “Lord Shiva”. Shiva is known as the Lord of Mercy. He can eliminate evils and offer wisdom. Every religious saint has something to teach us.

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Gradually, we will take a look at inspirations from each and every God; Jesus Christ, Mohammed Paigambar, Guru Nanak, Lord Buddha, Lord Brahma, Vishnu, Goddess Laxmi, Saraswati and all who are deeply inspiring.

Today, in this Kalyug; as it is said; these teachings help us to live a balanced life in spite of having all modern facilities around us. How we can manage our anger? How we can bring solutions for all problems is all that we all are in need of.

So, taking our discussion forward, let’s take a look at some important teachings or we can say life lessons that Bholenath (Lord Shiva) has to give us.

Art of Living by Lord Shiva”:

  • Hair:  When you look at the image of Lord Shiva, you can find his “Jatta” or long hair, tied in a unique manner; show the perfect combination of mind, body and spirit. It gives us the message to focus, in a better way.  Focusing on things helps you to have a good immune system so that you can remain calm and healthy.


  • Third Eye: Lord Shiva is known as a simple, honest and calm deity but when any injustice or things against religion takes place; his third eye opens. It is the symbol of his anger. While in normal meditating posture; this eye is closed but when he feels that something improper is taking place, it opens and at that time it destroys the force which is against humanity. So, his symbolic third eye teaches us that it is not necessary to keep an angry face every time. You can live peacefully, calmly and embrace simplicity but if anyone is trying to snatch it from you or taking disadvantage of your calm nature then it is necessary to share your personal outlook and make them understand that you know everything & can’t be fooled.


  • Blue throat:  It is also known as “Neel Kantha” where Neel means Blue and Kantha means Throat. According to spiritual books, it is said that while churning the ocean; two pots came out, one contained Elixir (Amrit) and the other Poison. Now, Elixir was for all gods (devas) then came the crucial question about Poison. At that time, Lord Shiva agreed to drink Poison and he drank the entire pot because of which his throat became blue and even after drinking it, Shiva stood strong and alive. This shows that no matter what problems you have in life you must accept them all and move on with a calm mind without venting the negativity on other people. Generally, when we are angry or unhappy with things happening around us; we tend to be angry on people around us, speak things that we should not and indirectly make them unhappy.
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So, we must avoid doing this and no matter what situations we are dealing with in life, we must remain patient.


  • River Ganga:  We can see water flowing from his head. It is River Ganga that resides on the scalp of Lord Shiva. According to scriptures, Ganga was asked to come earth but she was so vast that no place could give her a flow and at that time Lord Shiva asked her to reside on his head and start flowing.

Ganga symbolizes the pool of knowledge which means, you must know yourself and your abilities perfectly before taking any task. You must be aware of your strengths & weaknesses and only then must you proceed with any task assigned to you..

Taking up a task, without knowing whether you can accomplish it or not, can lead to chaos not only for yourself but also for other associated with your assignment. Think twice before embracing new opportunities of work.

  • Crescent Moon:  The crescent moon on his head suggests us to be calm and cool in each and every situation. Keeping your mind cool can give you amazing solutions to every problem.

Running here and there and doing things without proper thinking can lead to issues that sometimes add up to worries.

  • Snake around the neck: Snake refers to ego. Ego is poisonous and can kill human beings without even letting them know. It is like poison which slowly kills you. Once you master the art of controlling or pampering your ego, you can easily live with it inside you.

Snakes are poisonous however Shiva knows the art of managing them and so he wears it around his neck without any fear. Once you master your negative emotions like ego and anger; you can easily tame them and make them your slaves.

Looking at Lord Shiva sit in a very calm position, we feel that we must always be calm like him. However when the need arises, he is equally good at destroying and fighting against injustice or what threatens humanity.

We must always be simple but must not allow anyone to misuse our simplicity. No matter how rich or knowledgeable you are, ego and anger must always work as per your own will and they should never overpower you.

So, whenever you feel lost just look at Lord Shiva’s image and read this post. You will definitely gain enough strength to survive the toughest conditions or you can also listen to the amazing Shivaay Title Track that explains the qualities of the Lord in a very short and sweet manner.

Do you know anyone who desperately needs help? Share this post with them. It will be a wonderful gift. Also, if you know any more teachings of Lord Shiva, do share them with us.


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Sharing is Caring-