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There’s an interesting saying by Jean Paul Sartre that goes like this “Goebbels was in favour of free speech for views he liked. So was Stalin. If you’re really in favour of free speech, then you’re in favour of freedom of speech for precisely the views you despise.

Otherwise, you’re not in favour of free speech. There’s nothing called complete freedom of speech anywhere. Between 1.2 billion people, it’s hard to even keep the offenses and defenses in a harmony. It starts as the basis of a culture, where one has to conflict the other in order to grow through it. But nowadays, it’s only meaningless anger and trolls and memes.

Half the time you’ll think there’s a circus going on because we discuss cancer in posts one and about prayer in other. Or, we see people clutching to their Instagram profile tightly as that’s the only way out for the middle class’s ludicrosity that her parents brought her into 19 years ago. As an observer, what amazes me more is the sheer amount of offense a person can take these days, literally over anything.


Ma said, people get angry when the truth comes out. Is that true? Let’s check it ourselves. The genre most people take offense in is the comedy. Comedy talks about sex, corruption, and life — the holy trinity of reality surrounding ourselves. But what happens is everyone starts getting offended. If you make jokes about Nepal, Nepal will be offended, likewise so will Gujarat, Goa, and Jaipur. The chain will interminably go on unless there’s no subject in the plate and the society will be a so called humongous but half robotic half lifelike creature that has nothing left of it.

The chain will interminably go on unless there’s any subject in the plate and the society will be a so called humongous but half robotic half lifelike creature that has nothing left of it.

The next genre is films, of course. Ma also said, anger makes you lose important things. Wait, where is half of our GDP going?

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Yes, the most powerful income source of Bollywood is a place where everyone has a liberty to get offended by chewing gutkha and spilling 1 star or burning the idols of the celebrities.

They are pissed off at people who are working their ass off just to make the country’s GDP look shinier. Most of the highest tax payers are Bollywood star. People pay them back with black ink and jala hua putla, but to those politicians who are chewing, more than spilling are safe because people are too lazy to read the newspaper.

Enough of this! You’re 18. You’re not a boy anymore. You can literally make or break the nation through your vote. You know how you take so many offenses against people and satisfy yourself with trolls is because you’re an imbecile. You don’t read, you don’t see, and the most important is you don’t bother. Start learning to give a shot at things that are doing outside. Get a good grip of the reality and then jump into it and we’ll be happy to take you in our world. 


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Sharing is Caring-